J Man


Journal of Management, 48(4)


Editorial Commentary

Designing Scholarly Introductions as Jobs to Be Done
Zeki Simsek and Sali Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lost Control Driving Home: A Dual-Pathway Model of Self-Control Work Demands and Commuter Driving
Michael E. Clinton, Rebecca Hewett, Neil Conway, and Damian Poulter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Explanation of Personality Change in Organizational Science: Personality as an Outcome of Workplace Stress
Jarvis Smallfield and Donald H. Kluemper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Nation-Level Institutions on Acquisition Premiums: A Cross-Country Comparative Study
Chengguang Li and Jerayr (John) Haleblian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breaking the Chains: The Inverted-U-Shaped Relationship Between Action-State Orientation and Creativity Under Low Job Autonomy
Ronald Bledow, Jana Kühnel, Mengzi Jin, and Julius Kuhl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Peeking Inside the Black Box: Inventor Turnover and Patent Termination
Rajat Khanna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Leadership and Ethical Voice: The Mediating Mechanisms of Value Internalization and Integrity Identity
Yuyan Zheng, Olga Epitropaki, Les Graham, and Nick Caveney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What’s It Like Inside the Hive? Managerial Discretion Drives TMT Gender Diversity of Women-Led Firms
Emily S. Corwin, Holly Loncarich, and Jason W. Ridge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Searching for a Sign: CEO Successor Selection in the Wake of Corporate Misconduct
Brian L. Connelly, Wei Shi, H. Jack Walker, and Matt C. Hersel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]