J Mar


Journal of Marketing, 86(3)


Conducting Research in Marketing with Quasi-Experiments
Avi Goldfarb, Catherine Tucker, and Yanwen Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

GMO Labeling Policy and Consumer Choice
Youngju Kim, SunAh Kim, and Neeraj Arora [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales and Self: The Noneconomic Value of Selling the Fruits of One’s Labor
Benedikt Schnurr, Christoph Fuchs, Elisa Maira, Stefano Puntoni, Martin Schreier, and Stijn M.J. van Osselaer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Halo or Cannibalization? How New Software Entrants Impact Sales of Incumbent Software in Platform Markets
B.J. Allen, Richard T. Gretz, Mark B. Houston, and Suman Basuroy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Firm Lobbying: A Customer Perspective
Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, Sandeep Arora, Kelly D. Martin, and Neeru Paharia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Social Norms on Consumer Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
Vladimir Melnyk, Fran├žois A. Carrillat, and Valentyna Melnyk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Roar of the Crowd: How Interaction Ritual Chains Create Social Atmospheres
Tim Hill, Robin Canniford, and Giana M. Eckhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When to Use Markets, Lines, and Lotteries: How Beliefs About Preferences Shape Beliefs About Allocation
Franklin Shaddy and Anuj K. Shah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virtual Reality in New Product Development: Insights from Prelaunch Sales Forecasting for Durables
Nathalie Harz, Sebastian Hohenberg, and Christian Homburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]