Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 34(5)


What drives persuasion to choose healthy and ecological food at hotel buffets: message, receiver or sender? [Google Scholar]
Michael Volgger, Claudia Cozzio, Ross Taplin

Service marketing strategies and performances of tourism and hospitality enterprises: implications from a small border province in Thailand
Piriya Pholphirul, Pungpond Rukumnuaykit, Teerawat Charoenrat, Akkaranai Kwanyou, Kitisak Srijamdee [Google Scholar]

Thirty years and “I’m still Lovin’ it!”: brand perceptions of McDonald’s among generation Y and generation Z consumers in China
Bowen Zhang, Frank J. Mulhern, Yingying Wu, Margaret Xu, Wenqi Wang, Liang Gao [Google Scholar]

What drives customers towards mobile shopping? An integrative technology continuance theory perspective
Nikunj Kumar Jain, Dimple Kaul, Priyavrat Sanyal [Google Scholar]

The impact of public policy marketing, institutional narratives and discourses on renewable energy consumption in a developing economy
Stephanie Kay Ann Cheah, Brian Low [Google Scholar]

A framework of firms’ business sustainability endeavours with internal and external stakeholders through time across oriental and occidental business contexts
Tzong-Ru Lee, Ku-Ho Lin, Chang-Hsiung Chen, Carmen Otero-Neira, Göran Svensson [Google Scholar]

Too much is not always good: the inverted U-shaped link between green customer integration and opportunistic behavior
Haiqing Shi, Taiwen Feng, Zhiyi Li [Google Scholar]

Network-aware credit scoring system for telecom subscribers using machine learning and network analysis
Hongming Gao, Hongwei Liu, Haiying Ma, Cunjun Ye, Mingjun Zhan [Google Scholar]

What attracts me or prevents me from mobile shopping? An adapted UTAUT2 model empirical research on behavioral intentions of aspirant young consumers in Pakistan
Muhammad Shehzad Hanif, Min Wang, Muhammad Usman Mumtaz, Zeeshan Ahmed, Waqas Zaki [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing smartphone based online shopping: an empirical study of young Women shoppers
Mahima Shukla, Vranda Jain, Richa Misra [Google Scholar]

The impact of firm innovativeness on consumer trust in the sharing economy: a moderated mediation model
Ruoshi Geng, Ruijie Sun, Jie Li, Fan Guo, Wangshuai Wang, Gong Sun [Google Scholar]