Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 86(1)


How Teaching in Underserved Schools Affects Beliefs about Education Inequality and Reform: Evidence from Teach For America
Katharine M Conn; Virginia S Lovison; Cecilia Hyunjung Mo [Google Scholar]

Crime and Presidential Accountability: A Case of Racially Conditioned Issue Ownership
Benjamin S Noble; Andrew Reeves; Steven W Webster [Google Scholar]

How to Catch a Falsifier: Comparison of Statistical Detection Methods for Interviewer Falsification
Silvia Schwanhäuser; Joseph W Sakshaug; Yuliya Kosyakova [Google Scholar]

Public Attitudes toward Internal and Foreign Migration: Evidence from China
David A Singer; Kai Quek [Google Scholar]

Challenging the Gender Gap in Political Interest: A By-Product of Survey Specification Error
Raül Tormos; Tània Verge [Google Scholar]

Research Notes

Ascendant Public Opinion: The Rising Influence of Climate Change on Americans’ Attitudes about the Environment
Patrick J Egan; David M Konisky; Megan Mullin [Google Scholar]

Macropartisanship with Independents
Spencer Goidel; Paul M Kellstedt; Matthew J Lebo [Google Scholar]

The COVID-19 Infodemic and the Efficacy of Interventions Intended to Reduce Misinformation
Sarah E Kreps; Douglas L Kriner [Google Scholar]

Think of the Children?: The Effect of Children on Support for Welfare
Saied Toossi [Google Scholar]

The Polls

The Polls—Trends: Trends in Public Opinion toward Immigration among EU Member States
Ayelet Banai; Fabio Votta; Rosa Seitz [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

André Blais and Jean-François Daoust. The Motivation to Vote: Explaining Electoral Participation
Priscilla Southwell [Google Scholar]

Matt Guardino. Framing Inequality: News Media, Public Opinion, and the Neoliberal Turn in U.S. Public Policy
Anthony DiMaggio [Google Scholar]