J Mar


Journal of Marketing, 86(2)


The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Sales: An Accountability Perspective
Dionne Nickerson, Michael Lowe, Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, and Alina Sorescu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Consumer Orchestration Work Creates Value in the Sharing Economy
Daiane Scaraboto and Bernardo Figueiredo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Minimum Payments Alter Debt Repayment Strategies Across Multiple Cards
Samuel D. Hirshman and Abigail B. Sussman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Despite Efficiencies, Mergers and Acquisitions Reduce Firm Value by Hurting Customer Satisfaction
Nita Umashankar, S. Cem Bahadir, and Sundar Bharadwaj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Machine Learning for Creativity: Using Similarity Networks to Design Better Crowdfunding Projects
Yanhao “Max” Wei, Jihoon Hong, and Gerard J. Tellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Platform Exploitation: When Service Agents Defect with Customers from Online Service Platforms
Qiang (Kris) Zhou, B.J. Allen, Richard T. Gretz, and Mark B. Houston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Industries Use Direct-to-Public Persuasion in Policy Conflicts: Asymmetries in Public Voting Responses
Kathleen Seiders, Andrea Godfrey Flynn, and Gergana Y. Nenkov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can Encroachment Benefit Hotel Franchisees?
TI Tongil Kim and Sandy D. Jap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Physical Stores Enhance Customer Value: The Importance of Product Inspection Depth
Jonathan Z. Zhang, Chun-Wei Chang, and Scott A. Neslin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Carbon Footprinting and Pricing Under Climate Concerns
Marco Bertini, Stefan Buehler, Daniel Halbheer, and Donald R. Lehmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]