J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(2)



Storage and processing in working memory: A single, domain-general resource explains multitasking.
Vergauwe, Evie; von Bastian, Claudia C.; Kostova, Ralitsa; Morey, Candice C. [Google Scholar]

Unconscious pupillometry: An effect of “attentional contagion” in the absence of visual awareness.
Colombatto, Clara; Scholl, Brian J. [Google Scholar]

Biological motion gains preferential access to awareness during continuous flash suppression: Local biological motion matters.
Sun, Yanliang; Wang, Xiaolin; Huang, Yushang; Ji, Huichao; Ding, Xiaowei [Google Scholar]

Verbal descriptions improve visual working memory but have limited impact on visual long-term memory.
Overkott, Clara; Souza, Alessandra S. [Google Scholar]

Right place, right time: Spatiotemporal predictions guide attention in dynamic visual search.
Boettcher, Sage E. P.; Shalev, Nir; Wolfe, Jeremy M.; Nobre, Anna C. [Google Scholar]

Decomposing the semantic processes underpinning veridical and false memories.
Gatti, Daniele; Rinaldi, Luca; Marelli, Marco; Mazzoni, Giuliana; Vecchi, Tomaso [Google Scholar]

Remembering Election Night 2016: Subjective but not objective metrics of autobiographical memory vary with political affiliation, affective valence, and surprise.
Chiew, Kimberly S.; Harris, Bailey B.; Adcock, R. Alison [Google Scholar]

Community standards of deception: Deception is perceived to be ethical when it prevents unnecessary harm.
Levine, Emma E. [Google Scholar]

Fight or flight: The role of context on biased intergroup shooting behaviors.
Splan, Eric D.; Forbes, Chad E. [Google Scholar]

Win–win denial: The psychological underpinnings of zero-sum thinking.
Johnson, Samuel G. B.; Zhang, Jiewen; Keil, Frank C. [Google Scholar]

Attractors: Incidental values that influence forecasts of change.
Critcher, Clayton R.; Rosenzweig, Emily L. [Google Scholar]

Observing conflicting actions elicits conflict adaptation.
Cracco, Emiel; Braem, Senne; Brass, Marcel [Google Scholar]

Children track probabilistic distributions of facial cues across individuals.
Woodard, Kristina; Plate, Rista C.; Pollak, Seth D. [Google Scholar]