Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 34(4)


User participation, knowledge management capability and service innovation: e-commerce enterprises in the digital age
Xiaohua Xin, Xiaoming Miao, Qian Chen, Tiantian Shang [Google Scholar]

To verify or not to verify: using partial least squares to predict effect of online news on panic buying during pandemic
Kim-Lim Tan, Joseph Kee-Ming Sia, Daniel Kuok Ho Tang [Google Scholar]

Mediating role of immediate performance outcomes between supply chain integration and firm performance
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Antecedents of adaptive selling behaviour: a study of the Korean cosmetic industry
Fortune Edem Amenuvor, Ho-Taek Yi, Henry Boateng [Google Scholar]

The effect of consumer group breadth and depth on movie sales: the mediating effect of eWOM-to-viewing ratio
Jungwon Lee, Yunhye Lee, Cheol Park [Google Scholar]

Religious compensatory consumption in the Islamic context: the mediating roles of religious social control and religious guilt
Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Syafira Alyfania Hermawan, Tamás Gyulavári, Chairy Chairy [Google Scholar]

Understanding corporate culture and business performance from a Confucian perspective
Vane-Ing Tian, Felix Tang, Alan C.B. Tse [Google Scholar]

“Do they mean what they say?” Measuring greenwash in the sustainable property development sector
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Examining the consequences of adaptive selling behavior by door-to-door salespeople in the Korean cosmetic industry
Fortune Edem Amenuvor, Ho-Taek Yi, Henry Boateng [Google Scholar]

Linkages among extended service quality, distinct perceived value and satisfaction in the exhibition trust-building process
Dae Hui Lee [Google Scholar]

Buy domestic or foreign brands? The moderating roles of decision focus and product quality
Sherry Xueer Yu, Guang Zhou, Jing Huang [Google Scholar]