Public Policy Research and Hospitality-Tourism


Challenges, Opportunities, and New Directions, Special issue of Cornell Hospitality Quarterly; Deadline 29 Aug 2022

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Author: H. G. Parsa

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

Public Policy Research and Hospitality-Tourism:
Challenges, Opportunities, and New Directions 

Call for Papers

Over the past several decades, research in hospitality tourism often pursued maximizing corporate financial performance and shareholders’ wealth as the desired research outcomes. Unfortunately, in this process, shareholders’ welfare and community advancement were rarely considered despite their great relevance to the success of hospitality and tourism organizations. Thus, the proposed special issue is designed to address this research gap on public policy issues and their interdependent relationship with hospitality tourism. Nobel Laureate George Akerlof (2001) said,” Our marginal products are not ours alone,” indicating that business products and profits are the results of our collective efforts.  Balancing shareholders’ wealth maximization and stakeholders’ (community) welfare is critical for advancing this field.

This special issue on Public Policy Research and Hospitality-Tourism encourages an open conversation and investigation regarding the often-ignored role of public policy and public resource utilization and financial success of hospitality firms. This special issue invites conceptual papers advancing theory development, original research manuscripts with qualitative or quantitative methods, econometric models, social media data analysis, experimental research, secondary data analysis, case research manuscripts, media citation analyses, GIS and organizational performance, and manuscripts based on valid academic research methods.

  • Papers selected for this Special Issue will be automatically included in the proposed book, Public Policy Research and Hospitality and Tourism, published by Sage Publications.

Some of the topics relevant to public policy and hospitality-tourism may include, but are not limited to:

Social Challenges and Hospitality-Tourism

  • Hospitality tourism 2050 – Research agenda for public policy
  • Triple Bottom Line – Applications to hospitality-tourism
  • Socially conscious dynamic pricing in hospitality-tourism
  • Revenue management with a soul – What are implications for hospitality-tourism?
  • Hunger around the world – A global challenge in public policy for hospitality.

Human Capital Challenges

  • Human trafficking & human rights: What are implication for public policy in tourism?
  • What is the role of hospitality-tourism in improving the standard of living and reducing poverty?
  • Law and Public Policy in hospitality and tourism
  • Can hospitality-tourism industry commit to living wage? What are implications in hospitality tourism?
  • What is our responsibility in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion?

Ethical Leadership and Quality of Life

  • Quality of life – Public policy challenges and impact on organizations.
  • What is the social impact of tourism development in developing nations?
  • Social media, hospitality-tourism and public policy
  • Cybercrime, data breaches, and protection of customer personal information

CSR, Sustainability and Green Initiatives

  • Are we Green enough? Challenges and opportunities for hospitality.
  • Leadership in environmental conservation in tourism and hospitality.
  • Plant-based foods, health claims, and ethics – Policy implications for foodservice
  • Zero waste operations in tourism, hotels, restaurants, events, and allied industries.

Economics, Organizational Performance, and Public Policy

  • Can we have a balance between corporate social responsibility and financial performance?
  • Impact of public policy on entrepreneurship and family businesses in hospitality tourism
  • Why do small businesses fail? Creative solutions and public policy implications.


  • ABSTRACTS: Two-page abstracts are due: March 31st , 2022.
    • Submission: Submit abstract to one of the Co-Editors via email.
    • Abstract Decision: May 9th , 2022
      • Double Spaced abstract with 4-5 relevant references. Title page with title, and authors’ full contact information including emails, institutional affiliations etc.

Guest Editors:

  • G. Parsa, Ph.D., Barron Hilton Chair & Professor, Daniels College of Business (KSHM), University of Denver, Denver, CO. Mobile: 614-432-5126
  • Robertico Croes, Ph.D., Professor of Tourism Economics and Mgmt., Rosen College of Hospitality, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. Office: 407-903-8028.
  • Alexandros Paraskevas, Ph. D., Professor of Strategic Mgmt., Chair, Dept. of  Hospitality Management, University of West London, London, UK. Mobile: +44 779 382 2593.