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Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 18(1)



At a crossroads: examining Covid-19’s impact on public and digital diplomacy
Ilan Manor, James Pamment [Google Scholar]

The pandemic’s wake-up call for humanity-centered public diplomacy
R. S. Zaharna [Google Scholar]

Cultural diplomacy under the “digital lockdown”: pandemic challenges and opportunities in museum diplomacy
Natalia Grincheva [Google Scholar]

Transnational diaspora diplomacy, emotions and COVID-19: the Romanian diaspora in the UK
Alina Dolea [Google Scholar]

COVID-19 and national images: the case of #ResignModi
Muhammad Ittefaq, Shafiq Ahmad Kamboh [Google Scholar]

From soft power to reputational security: rethinking public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy for a dangerous age
Nicholas J. Cull [Google Scholar]

Digital diplomacy as world disclosure: the case of the COVID-19 pandemic
Corneliu Bjola [Google Scholar]

Nordic neighbors in pandemic crisis: the communication battle between Sweden and Norway
Jesper Falkheimer, Ketil Raknes [Google Scholar]

Japan’s strategic miscommunications: in the shadow of the pandemic Olympics
Nancy Snow [Google Scholar]

The public as a problem: protest, public diplomacy and the pandemic
César Jiménez-Martínez [Google Scholar]

“Wolf Warrior” and China’s digital public diplomacy during the COVID-19 crisis
Zhao Alexandre Huang [Google Scholar]

Celebrity diplomacy during the Covid-19 pandemic? The chief state epidemiologist as “the face of the Swedish experiment”
Annika Bergman Rosamond, Elsa Hedling [Google Scholar]

From Gagarin to Sputnik: the role of nostalgia in Russian public diplomacy
Ilan Manor, James Pamment [Google Scholar]