J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(1)



Spontaneous mental replay of music improves memory for incidentally associated event knowledge.
Kubit, Benjamin M.; Janata, Petr [Google Scholar]

The derring effect: Deliberate errors enhance learning.
Wong, Sarah Shi Hui; Lim, Stephen Wee Hun [Google Scholar]

More frequent, shorter trials enhance acquisition in a training session: There is a free lunch!
Murphy, Robin A.; Witnauer, James E.; Castiello, Santiago; Tsvetkov, Anna; Li, Audrey; Alcaide, Doriann M.; Miller, Ralph R. [Google Scholar]

Advancing research on unconscious priming: When can scientists claim an indirect task advantage?
Meyen, Sascha; Zerweck, Iris A.; Amado, Catarina; von Luxburg, Ulrike; Franz, Volker H. [Google Scholar]

Seeing and speaking: How verbal “description length” encodes visual complexity.
Sun, Zekun; Firestone, Chaz [Google Scholar]

High feature overlap and incidental encoding drive rapid semantic integration in the fast mapping paradigm.
Zaiser, Ann-Kathrin; Meyer, Patric; Bader, Regine [Google Scholar]

To follow or not to follow your gaze: The interplay between strategic control and the eye contact effect on gaze-induced attention orienting.
Kompatsiari, Kyveli; Ciardo, Francesca; Wykowska, Agnieszka [Google Scholar]

The psychology of getting busy: Multitasking as a consequence of goal activation.
Szumowska, Ewa; Kruglanski, Arie W. [Google Scholar]

Objects that direct visuospatial attention produce the search advantage for facing dyads.
Vestner, Tim; Over, Harriet; Gray, Katie L. H.; Cook, Richard [Google Scholar]

Caring is costly: People avoid the cognitive work of compassion.
Scheffer, Julian A.; Cameron, C. Daryl; Inzlicht, Michael [Google Scholar]

Reappraising stress arousal improves affective, neuroendocrine, and academic performance outcomes in community college classrooms.
Jamieson, Jeremy P.; Black, Alexandra E.; Pelaia, Libbey E.; Gravelding, Hannah; Gordils, Jonathan; Reis, Harry T. [Google Scholar]

Outlier exclusion procedures must be blind to the researcher’s hypothesis.
André, Quentin [Google Scholar]

The importance of inference in relational reasoning: Relational matching as a case study.
Kroupin, Ivan G.; Carey, Susan E. [Google Scholar]

Prior experience with unlabeled actions promotes 3-year-old children’s verb learning.
Aussems, Suzanne; Mumford, Katherine H.; Kita, Sotaro [Google Scholar]

On the search for a selective and retroactive strengthening of memory: Is there evidence for category-specific behavioral tagging?
Kalbe, Felix; Schwabe, Lars [Google Scholar]