J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 53(2)




Replication studies in international business
Luis Alfonso Dau, Grazia D. Santangelo, Arjen Witteloostuijn [Google Scholar]

Multinational enterprises and natural disasters: Challenges and opportunities for IB research
Chang Hoon Oh, Jennifer Oetzel [Google Scholar]

Terrorism-induced uncertainty and firm R&D investment: A real options view
Daitian Li, Tony W Tong, Yangao Xiao, Feida Zhang [Google Scholar]

Subsidiary operations in offshore financial centers and bank risk-taking: International evidence
Wenxia Ge, Jeong-Bon Kim, Tiemei Li, Jing Zhang [Google Scholar]

Taking chances? The effect of CEO risk propensity on firms’ risky internationalization decisions
Hamid Boustanifar, Edward J. Zajac, Flladina Zilja [Google Scholar]

Kicking back against kickbacks: An examination of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and US foreign investment
Weishi Jia, Shuo Li, Jingran Zhao [Google Scholar]

A general framework of digitization risks in international business
Yadong Luo [Google Scholar]

The last frontier of globalization: Trade and foreign direct investment in healthcare
Oded Shenkar, Guoyong Liang, Rakefet Shenkar [Google Scholar]

Correction to: Running out of steam? A political incentive perspective of FDI inflows in China
Danqing Wang, Zhitao Zhu, Shuo Chen, Xiaowei Rose Luo [Google Scholar]

Correction to: What’s so special about born globals, their entrepreneurs or their business model?
Jean-François Hennart, Antonio Majocchi, Birgit Hagen [Google Scholar]