J Fashion Mar Man


Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 26(2)



Prashant Kumar, Khyati Shetty, Jason R. Fitzsimmons, Steven George Hayes

Examining the drivers of deviant service adaption in fashion retailing: the role of tenure
Gary Mortimer, Shasha Wang [Google Scholar]

Luxury fashion start-up brands’ digital strategies with female Gen Y in the Middle East
Zahy Ramadan, Nour Zakaria Nsouli [Google Scholar]

Examining consumers’ perceptions of a 3D printing integrated apparel: a functional, expressive and aesthetic (FEA) perspective
Tianyu Cui, Veena Chattaraman, Lushan Sun [Google Scholar]

Are low- and middle-income countries profiting from fast fashion?
Karan Khurana, S.S. Muthu [Google Scholar]

Sustainable developments and corporate social responsibility in Vietnamese fashion enterprises
Rajkishore Nayak, Long Nguyen Van Thang, Tu Nguyen, Julia Gaimster, Rebecca Morris, Majo George [Google Scholar]

Impacts of brand familiarity and brand responses on perceived brand credibility, similarity, and blog recommendation intention: a study of corporate blogs
Jiyoung Kim, Jihye Ellie Min, Linh Ha Le [Google Scholar]

Traceability and transparency for sustainable fashion-apparel supply chains
Sofia Garcia-Torres, Marta Rey-Garcia, Josune Sáenz, Stefan Seuring [Google Scholar]

Examining the influences of perceived exclusivity and perceived rarity on consumers’ perception of luxury
Xujia Wang, Billy Sung, Ian Phau [Google Scholar]

One size fits all? Segmenting consumers to predict sustainable fashion behavior
Shelley Haines, Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee [Google Scholar]