Intl J Res Mar


International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39(1)


An empirical comparison of machine learning methods for text-based sentiment analysis of online consumer reviews
Huwail J. Alantari, Imran S. Currim, Yiting Deng, Sameer Singh [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ privacy calculus: The PRICAL index development and validation
Frank T. Beke, Felix Eggers, Peter C. Verhoef, Jaap E. Wieringa [Google Scholar]

Constituency building: Determining consumers’ willingness to participate in corporate political activities
Clark D. Johnson, Brittney C. Bauer, Brad D. Carlson [Google Scholar]

How rich is too rich? Visual design elements in digital marketing communications
Yashar Bashirzadeh, Robert Mai, Corinne Faure [Google Scholar]

How voice retailers can predict customer mood and how they can use that information
Ingo Halbauer, Martin Klarmann [Google Scholar]

Modelling short-and long-term marketing effects in the consumer purchase journey
P.M. Cain [Google Scholar]

Collecting samples from online services: How to use screeners to improve data quality
Aaron D. Arndt, John B. Ford, Barry J. Babin, Vinh Luong [Google Scholar]

The megamarketing of microfinance: Developing and maintaining an industry aura of virtue
Domen Bajde, Jessica Chelekis, Arjen van Dalen [Google Scholar]

A good way to boost sales? Effects of the proportion of sold-out options on purchase behavior
Jing Tian, Rong Chen, Xiaobing Xu [Google Scholar]

To be respected or liked: The influence of social comparisons on consumer preference for competence- versus warmth-oriented products
Xiaoying Zheng, Jing Xu, Hao Shen [Google Scholar]

Designing the content of advertising in a differentiated market
David A. Soberman, Yi Xiang [Google Scholar]

The differential effects of time and usage on the brand premiums of automobiles
Eyal Biyalogorsky, Amir Heiman, Eitan Muller [Google Scholar]

It pays to pay attention: How firm’s and competitor’s marketing levers affect investor attention and firm value
Abhishek Borah, S.Cem Bahadir, Anatoli Colicev, Gerard J. Tellis [Google Scholar]

CEO regulatory focus and myopic marketing management
Tuck Siong Chung, Angie Low [Google Scholar]

Are sports sponsorship announcements good news for shareholders? A meta-analysis
Kamran Eshghi [Google Scholar]

What drives brands’ price response metrics? An empirical examination of the Chinese packaged goods industry
Bernadette J. van Ewijk, Els Gijsbrechts, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp [Google Scholar]