J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(4)



Value co-creation and new service performance: mediated by value-informed pricing [Google Scholar]
Seyedeh Khadijeh Taghizadeh, Syed Abidur Rahman, Malliga Marimuthu

The business paradigm: explanation for patterns of business interactions
Grzegorz Leszczyński, Tibor Mandjak, Tihamér Margitay, Marek Zieliński [Google Scholar]

Are your international salespeople culturally intelligent? The influence of cultural intelligence on adaptive selling behavior with B2B customers
David Kimber, Rodrigo Guesalaga, Michael Dickmann [Google Scholar]

Digital transformation of business model in manufacturing companies: challenges and research agenda
Camila Favoretto, Glauco Henrique de Sousa Mendes, Moacir Godinho Filho, Maicon Gouvea de Oliveira, Gilberto Miller Devós Ganga [Google Scholar]

An integrated perspective of value creation and capture: a systematic literature review
Claudio Minerbo, Luiz Artur Ledur Brito [Google Scholar]

Examining the needs to adopt big data analytics in B2B organizations: development of propositions and model of needs
Jiwat Ram, Zeyang Zhang [Google Scholar]

The fringe or national brand manufacturer? An analysis of private label sourcing strategy
Xue Li [Google Scholar]

Environmental sustainability through designing reverse logistical loops: case research of poultry supply chains using system dynamics
Mohammad Shamsuddoha, Mohammed A. Quaddus, Arch G. Woodside [Google Scholar]

A bibliometric review of service ecosystems research: current status and future directions
Ismail Gölgeci, Imran Ali, Paavo Ritala, Ahmad Arslan [Google Scholar]

Predicting bid protests: what should sourcing teams (not) do?
Timothy G. Hawkins, Michael J. Gravier, Suman Niranjan [Google Scholar]

An empirical investigation of buyer–supplier relationship typologies and their behavioral and performance outcomes
Jin Li, Linlin Chai, Chanchai Tangpong, Michelle Hong, Rodney D. Traub [Google Scholar]

A study on relational factors in information technology outsourcing: analyzing judgments of small and medium-sized supplying and contracting companies’ managers
Victor Diogho Heuer de Carvalho, Thiago Poleto, Thyago Celso Cavalcante Nepomuceno, Ana Paula Paula Cabral Seixas Costa [Google Scholar]

Strategic orientations, marketing capabilities and innovativeness: an adaptive approach
Ali E. Akgün, Volkan Polat [Google Scholar]

Can we mend fences? A model of recovery processes of SME business-to-business relationships
Deirdre Mary Fleming, Jaana Tähtinen, Felicity Kelliher [Google Scholar]