Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 56(2)


Succeeding in competitive arenas with arena-relevant marketing capabilities
Elena Ehrensperger, Daria Greenberg, Harley Krohmer, Felix Nagel, Wayne Hoyer, Z. John Zhang [Google Scholar]

A solution to the problem of brand definition
Mark Avis, Isaac Levi Henderson [Google Scholar]

Enhancing perceived product value through peripheral product anecdotes
Hillary J.D. Wiener, Joshua Wiener, Todd Arnold [Google Scholar]

Can the marketing department benefit from socially responsible marketing activities? The role of legitimacy and customers’ interest in social responsibility
Peren Özturan, Amir Grinstein [Google Scholar]

Mind the attention gap: how does digital advertising impact choice under low attention?
Irene Santoso, Malcolm J. Wright, Giang Trinh, Mark Avis [Google Scholar]

The product life cycle revisited: an integrative review and research agenda
Abbie Iveson, Magnus Hultman, Vasileios Davvetas [Google Scholar]

Salesperson moral identity and value co-creation
Omar S. Itani, Larry Chonko, Raj Agnihotri [Google Scholar]

Boundary resource interactions in solution networks
Ruiqi Wei, Roisin Vize, Susi Geiger [Google Scholar]

Shake it off and eat less: anxiety-inducing product packaging design influences food product interaction and eating
Jasmina Ilicic, Stacey M. Brennan [Google Scholar]

Co-branding research: where we are and where we could go from here
Cinzia Pinello, Pasquale Massimo Picone, Arabella Mocciaro Li Destri [Google Scholar]

“I’m hatin’ it”! Negative consumer–brand relationships in online anti-brand communities
Amélia Brandão, Paolo Popoli [Google Scholar]