J Historical Res Mar


Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 14(1)



Special issue: Marketization and commodification of history
Guest editors: Hélène Gorge, Nil Ozcaglar-Toulouse

Guest editorial
Hélène Gorge, Nil Ozcaglar-Toulouse [Google Scholar]

Commodifying ancient cultural heritage: the market evolution of the Parthenon temple
Zafeirenia Brokalaki, Georgios Patsiaouras [Google Scholar]

New Zealand’s ANZAC nurses: marketizing the great war for a 21st-century fit
Jayne Krisjanous, Christine Hallett [Google Scholar]

Chromolithographed history: brands’ trade cards and the co-construction of the French “roman national” (1900s-1930s)
Anthony Galluzzo [Google Scholar]

(En) act your age! Marketing and the marketization of history in young SMEs
Terrance Weatherbee, Donna Sears [Google Scholar]

Marketing the past over the long run: uses of the past in French accounting textbooks, 17th-19th c.
Pierre Labardin, Pierre Gervais [Google Scholar]

Rhetorical history and strategic marketing: the example of Starbucks
Pierre Volle [Google Scholar]