J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(3)



The Matthew effect in talent management strategy: reducing exhaustion, increasing satisfaction, and inspiring commission among boundary spanning employees
Rajesh V. Srivastava, Thomas Tang [Google Scholar]

Proactive market orientation and business model innovation to attain superior new smart connected products performance
Shashishekar M.S., Sandip Anand, Arun Kumar Paul [Google Scholar]

A new approach of innovation and network on export in trade fair context: evidence from Portuguese SMEs
Pedro Mendonça Silva, Victor Ferreira Moutinho, Vera Teixeira Vale [Google Scholar]

Analyzing the post-harvest supply chain enablers of vertical integration for rural employability and marketability
Rahul Priyadarshi, Srikanta Routroy, Girish Kant [Google Scholar]

“Forget it, let’s go with a handshake”: contracting practices of exporting small to medium size enterprises (SMEs)
Eldrede T. Kahiya, Petra Butler [Google Scholar]

Unpacking the relationship between formal contracts and alliance innovation performance: the role of relationship learning and
Dong Liu, Yongchuan Bao, Guocai Wang [Google Scholar]

Service innovation in medical device manufacturers: does the digitalization matter?
Guilherme Sales Smania, Glauco Henrique de Sousa Mendes, Fabiane Letícia Lizarelli, Camila Favoretto [Google Scholar]

Does crowdsourcing lead to better product design: the moderation of network connectivity
Yuanyuan Jiao, Yepeng Wu, Linna Hao [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation: a review of literature and future research agenda
Victor Saha, Praveen Goyal, Charles Jebarajakirthy [Google Scholar]

Long-term buyer-supplier relationships in IT services
Kedwadee Sombultawee, Prasopchai Pasunon [Google Scholar]

From managing customers to joint venturing with customers: co-creating service value in the digital age
Christine Falkenreck, Ralf Wagner [Google Scholar]

The moderating role of cultural similarity in developing commitment in the industrial importer-supplier relationship
Syed Saad Andaleeb, Md. Abu Saleh, Md. Yunus Ali [Google Scholar]

Does supply chain finance adoption improve organizational performance? A moderated and mediated model
Zhen Bi, Feng Yang, Jean-Noël Beka Be Nguema [Google Scholar]

Sales transformation: conceptual domain and dimensions
Daniela Corsaro, Isabella Maggioni [Google Scholar]