Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 46(1)


Brand communities: A literature review and future research agendas using TCCM approach
Debashree Roy Bhattacharjee, Debasis Pradhan, Kunal Swani [Google Scholar]

The perceived quality of wooden building materials—A systematic literature review and future research agenda
Charlotta Harju [Google Scholar]


Consumer financial education and risky financial asset holding in China
Ting Zhu, Jing Jian Xiao [Google Scholar]

Voluntary simplicity: An exploration through text analysis
Apollo Demirel [Google Scholar]

Consumer financial literacy and the efficiency of mortgage‐related decisions: New evidence from the Panel Study of Income dynamics
Piotr Bialowolski, Andrzej Cwynar, Jing Jian Xiao, Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska [Google Scholar]

Understanding the adoption and willingness to pay for internet of things services
Dharun Kasilingam, Rajneesh Krishna [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of panic buying: The case of COVID‐19
Catherine Prentice, Sara Quach, Park Thaichon [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ perception of different types of food markets in Mexico
Sttefanie Y. Escobar-López, Angélica Espinoza-Ortega, Sergio Moctezuma-Pérez, Cristina Chávez-Mejía, Carlos G. Martínez-García [Google Scholar]

The role of nostalgic brand positioning in capturing brand equity: Theoretical extension and analysis
Rukhsana Gul Gilal, Naeem Gul Gilal, Faheem Gul Gilal, Zhenxing Gong [Google Scholar]

Impact of ambivalent attitudes on green purchase intentions: The role of negative moods
Dahai Wang, Fei L. Weisstein, Shen Duan, Pilsik Choi [Google Scholar]

Modelling perceived service quality and turnover intentions in gender‐segregated environments
Hossein Olya, Babak Taheri, Anna Farmaki, Martin Joseph Gannon [Google Scholar]

Disidentity and nonconsumption of smartwatches
Natalie Gerhart, Obi Ogbanufe [Google Scholar]

Do parasocial interactions and vicarious experiences in the beauty YouTube channels promote consumer purchase intention?
Minsun Lee, Hyun-Hwa Lee [Google Scholar]

Latent profile analysis of ethical consumers in the United States and Malaysia
KyuJin Shim, Hichang Cho [Google Scholar]

Self‐gift giving and satisfaction with life: A behavioural tendency perspective
Alain d’Astous, Dania Mouakhar-Klouz [Google Scholar]

The relationship between anti‐consumption lifestyle and the trust triangle in a ride‐sharing platform: A cross‐cultural study of U.S. and Indian consumers
Hee-Jung Lee, Moon-Kyung Cha [Google Scholar]

The thrill of a smart purchase: Does country matter?
Myriam Quinones, Mónica Gómez-Suárez, María Jesús Yagüe [Google Scholar]

Let us be realistic: The impact of perceived brand authenticity and advertising image on consumers’ purchase intentions of food brands
Natascha Loebnitz, Klaus G. Grunert [Google Scholar]

Modeling expenditure differentials of international tourists by targeted utility: A synthesized theoretical and quantile decomposition approach
Usamah F. Alfarhan, Khaldoon Nusair, Hamed Al-Azri, Saeed Al-Muharrami [Google Scholar]

The effect of cultural and psychological characteristics on the purchase behavior and satisfaction of electric vehicles: A comparative study of US and China
Mee Ryoung Song, Wujin Chu, Meeja Im [Google Scholar]