Macromarketing 2022


Online format, 20-24 Jun 2022; Deadline now 1 Mar


Author: Ben Wooliscroft

Call for Papers

Macromarketing 2022 “The New Normal”

Conference Chairs:

Ben Wooliscroft (Auckland, New Zealand).
Stefanie Beninger (Madrid, Spain).
Sabrina V. Helm (Tucson, Arizona, USA).
Alexandra Ganglmair-Wooliscroft (Auckland, New Zealand).

Covid-19 continues to ravage the world, its people and their markets. Supply chains are disrupted, products are delayed, workers are locked at home/working at home/working in dangerous conditions, children are schooled at home online, elderly members of society are isolated from their friends and families, and travel is severely disrupted. Inequality has widened around the world and within countries. Citizens continue to get sick and die, health systems are strained, while vaccine roll outs have frequently stalled below claimed effective levels.

At the same time we are at a pivotal time in the need to change our relationship with the climate and how people impact upon it. Covid has demonstrated that major changes can be made in very short time periods, that transport related carbon can be reduced dramatically and that science can lead society’s response to a crisis.

When the conference is held we will be in the third Covid year. It is time to ask ourselves:

  • What is the new normal? Is it normal? Or is it, as some have said the new abnormal?
  • What should the new normal be? And how do we get there?
  • What are the roles for government and business?
  • What has changed that we should keep?
  • What has changed that we should remove as quickly as possible?

In 2022 we will hold our second, and hopefully last, global conference. It will, again, be largely online and organized by time zones. There is one time zone for the Americas, a second for the UK/Europe/Africa and a third for Asia/Australia/Pacific/New Zealand. Researchers outside of those time zones can choose the time zone that fits them better.

In 2022 presentations will be recorded and hosted on the Society’s website. Participation includes permission to host the video.

We accept; abstracts (one page), extended abstracts (five pages plus references) and full papers (6-8 000 words). Preference will be given to full papers and extended abstracts. If a full paper is submitted and reviewed only a full paper will be published in the proceedings. Similarly extended abstracts if reviewed and accepted will be published as an extended abstract. There is not an option of having an extended abstract or full paper reviewed but only an abstract published. Copyright remains the authors for all abstracts and papers in the Proceedings. A single proceedings will be published, with ISSN, and hosted on the Macromarketing Society website.

The nature of the global conference means that authors may be accepted into a track but present in a combined track appropriate to their time zone. Every effort will be made to place sympathetic and stimulating presentations and papers together in their appropriate place/time zone and sessions.

As in 2021 attendees are required to be members of the Society. An additional small fee will be charged to cover typesetting the proceedings.

Due date for paper/abstract submissions: EXTENSION DATE 1st March 2022
Due date for special sessions/panels: EXTENSION DATE 1st March 2022
Final Accepted abstracts and papers due by the 30th April 2022
Planned release of draft proceedings 1st June 2022
Conference dates: 20th-24th June2022 (note each time zone will set its own day(s) during these days closer to the date).

The Macromarketing Conference considers:

  • Abstracts (1 full page)
  • Extended abstracts (approximately 5 pages)
  • Full papers (20 pages)

All submissions should be formatted as for submission to the Journal of Macromarketing and include references.

All accepted submissions will be published in the same form as submitted. There is not an option of having an extended abstract or full paper reviewed but only an abstract published.

As well as the tracks listed below the conference invites any papers/abstracts which are macromarketing in focus. Submissions that don’t fit one of the tracks below should be sent directly to the conference chairs.

Any proposals for special sessions and/or panels should be sent directly to the conference chairs.

  • Macromarketing and Systems – in Honor of Roger Layton
  • Trans and Cross disciplinary Macromarketing – seeking inspiration from outside – in Honor of John Mittelstaedt
  • Macromarketing Measurement and Methods
  • Globalisation, (Neo)Colonialism, and Marketing
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Challenges and Opportunities for Macromarketing
  • Macromarketing Pedagogy
  • Macromarketing Utopia
  • Food Marketing
  • Macromarketing in the Middle east
  • Quality of Life and Wellbeing
  • Externalities
  • The Role of Actors in Macromarketing
  • Shaping markets for a new normal of a better world
  • Historical Research in Marketing Track
  • How does the Notion of Nation influence the Market? Exploring the Market and Nation/alism Intersectionality
  • Race, Racism and Marketplace Inequities and Resistance
  • Social Marketing for Global Change: Aligning Social Marketing with the UNSDGs
  • Ethics, Equity and Social Justice
  • The Importance of Transformative Capabilities