J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 48(4)




Three Themes for the Future of Brands in a Changing Consumer Marketplace
Margaret C Campbell; Linda L Price [Google Scholar]


The Future of Brands and Branding: An Essay on Multiplicity, Heterogeneity, and Integration
Kevin Lane Keller [Google Scholar]

Exposure to Brands Makes Preferential Decisions Easier
Ryan Rahinel; Ashley S Otto; Daniel M Grossman; Joshua J Clarkson [Google Scholar]

From Mix-and-Match to Head-to-Toe: How Brand Combinations Affect Observer Trust
Isabelle Engeler; Kate Barasz [Google Scholar]

How Brands Craft National Identity
Michael B Beverland; Giana M Eckhardt; Sean Sands; Avi Shankar [Google Scholar]

Doing Relationship Work: A Theory of Change in Consumer–Brand Relationships
Claudio Alvarez; Danielle J Brick; Susan Fournier [Google Scholar]

Building Brands for the Emerging Bicultural Market: The Appeal of Paradox Brands
Maria A Rodas; Deborah Roedder John; Carlos J Torelli [Google Scholar]

One Brand, Many Trajectories: Narrative Navigation in Transmedia
Stephanie Feiereisen; Dina Rasolofoarison; Cristel Antonia Russell; Hope Jensen Schau [Google Scholar]

A Framework of Brand Contestation: Toward Brand Antifragility
Daniel Dietrich; Cristel Antonia Russell [Google Scholar]

The Curse of the Original: How and When Heritage Branding Reduces Consumer Evaluations of Enhanced Products
Minju Han; George E Newman; Rosanna K Smith; Ravi Dhar [Google Scholar]

Charismatic Entrainment: How Brand Leaders and Consumers Co-Create Charismatic Authority in the Marketplace
Verena E Wieser; Marius K Luedicke; Andrea Hemetsberger [Google Scholar]