J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 175(3)



Resistance Will Be Futile? The Stigmatization (or Not) of Whistleblowers [Google Scholar]
Meghan Portfliet

Fear and Violence as Organizational Strategies: The Possibility of a Derridean Lens to Analyze Extra-judicial Police Violence
Srinath Jagannathan, Rajnish Rai, Christophe Jaffrelot [Google Scholar]

Moral Recovery and Ethical Leadership
John G. Cullen [Google Scholar]

How Unbecoming of You: Online Experiments Uncovering Gender Biases in Perceptions of Ridesharing Performance
Brad Greenwood, Idris Adjerid, Corey M. Angst, Nathan L. Meikle [Google Scholar]

Arguing to Defeat: Eristic Argumentation and Irrationality in Resolving Moral Concerns
Rasim Serdar Kurdoglu, Nüfer Yasin Ateş [Google Scholar]

Socratic Ignorance and Business Ethics
Santiago Mejia [Google Scholar]

Cure or Sell: How Do Pharmaceutical Industry Marketers Combine Their Dual Mission? An Approach Using Moral Dissonance
Bénédicte Bourcier-Béquaert, Loréa Baïada-Hirèche, Anne Sachet-Milliat [Google Scholar]

Country Portfolio and Taxation: Evidence from Japan
Junjian Gu [Google Scholar]

Doing Good by Doing Bad: How Tone at the Top and Tone at the Bottom Impact Performance-Improving Noncompliant Behavior
Corinna Ewelt-Knauer, Anja Schwering, Sandra Winkelmann [Google Scholar]

Corporate Social Responsibility and NGO Directors on Boards
Shili Chen, Niels Hermes, Reggy Hooghiemstra [Google Scholar]

The Case for Ethical Non-compete Agreements: Executives Versus Sandwich-Makers
Lauren E. Aydinliyim [Google Scholar]