Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 34(1)


Editorial [Google Scholar]
Brian ‘t Hart, Graham Ferguson, Saadia Shabnam

Lifestyle segmentation of older Koreans: a longitudinal comparison of segments and life satisfaction
Kwon Jung, Jihye Jung [Google Scholar]

Aging consumers and their brands: the customer journey perspective
Chao-Chin Huang [Google Scholar]

Using the life course paradigm to study financial well-being in late life
Pattharanitcha Prakitsuwan, George P. Moschis, Randall Shannon [Google Scholar]

Consumer brand engagement in the US–China trade war
Yi Hsuan Lee, Chiou-Fong Wei, Bruce C. Y. Lee, Ya-Yun Cheng, Yao Chen [Google Scholar]

The effect of consumers’ religiosity on consumer ethics: the mediating role of ethical ideology
Denni Arli, Fandy Tjiptono [Google Scholar]

Augmented reality (AR) app use in the beauty product industry and consumer purchase intention
Yining Wang, Eunju Ko, Huanzhang Wang [Google Scholar]

Interdependent relation between earned media and TV ratings
Giwoong Bae, Hye-Jin Kim [Google Scholar]

What are the mechanisms through which inter-organizational relationships contribute to supply chain resilience?
Sajad Fayezi, Hadi Ghaderi [Google Scholar]

Mixed emotional appeal enhances advertising effectiveness of pro-environmental luxury brands: the mediating role of cognitive flexibility
Kaushalya Nallaperuma, Felix Septianto, Argho Bandyopadhyay [Google Scholar]

Dissatisfaction toward O2O websites: expectation disconfirmation and justice perspective
Tong Che, Meng Ji, Xiabing Zheng, Bo Feng [Google Scholar]

Does effects of brand origin misperception jeopardize brand equity?
Ting-Hsiang Tseng, Nga Cheng Chan, Matthew Tingchi Liu, Chieh-Yu Lin [Google Scholar]