Ann Rev Psych


Annual Review of Psychology, 73


Recollecting What We Once Knew: My Life in Psycholinguistics
Lila R. Gleitman and Claire Gleitman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Memory and Reward-Based Learning: A Value-Directed Remembering Perspective
Barbara J. Knowlton and Alan D. Castel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Normative Principles for Decision-Making in Natural Environments
Christopher Summerfield and Paula Parpart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Speech Computations of the Human Superior Temporal Gyrus
Ilina Bhaya-Grossman and Edward F. Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive, Systems, and Computational Neurosciences of the Self in Motion
Jean-Paul Noel and Dora E. Angelaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring Cognition with Brain–Machine Interfaces
Richard A. Andersen, Tyson Aflalo, Luke Bashford, David Bjånes, and Spencer Kellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brain Mechanisms Underlying the Subjective Experience of Remembering
Jon S. Simons, Maureen Ritchey, and Charles Fernyhough [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neurophysiology of Remembering
György Buzsáki, Sam McKenzie, and Lila Davachi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Basis of Navigation Across Species
Cody A. Freas and Ken Cheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Computational Psychiatry Needs Time and Context
Peter F. Hitchcock, Eiko I. Fried, and Michael J. Frank [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Persistence and Disengagement in Personal Goal Pursuit
Veronika Brandstätter and Katharina Bernecker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Motivation at Work: The Organizational Psychology of Effort for, Against, and with Others
Adam M. Grant and Marissa S. Shandell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitudes, Habits, and Behavior Change
Bas Verplanken and Sheina Orbell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Childhood Antisocial Behavior: A Neurodevelopmental Problem
Stephanie H.M. van Goozen, Kate Langley, and Christopher W. Hobson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Cooperation and the Crises of Climate Change, COVID-19, and Misinformation
Paul A.M. Van Lange and David G. Rand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diversity Training Goals, Limitations, and Promise: A Review of the
Multidisciplinary Literature Patricia G. Devine and Tory L. Ash [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychology and Indigenous People
Roberto González, Héctor Carvacho, and Gloria Jiménez-Moya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychology Within and Without the State
H. Clark Barrett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personality Psychology
Brent W. Roberts and Hee J. Yoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personal Values Across Cultures
Lilach Sagiv and Shalom H. Schwartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Educational Psychology Is Evolving to Accommodate Technology, Multiple Disciplines, and Twenty-First-Century Skills
Arthur C. Graesser, John P. Sabatini, and Haiying Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultivating Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Socioecological Perspective
Ning Zhang, Shujuan Yang, and Peng Jia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Are the Health Consequences of Upward Mobility?
Edith Chen, Gene H. Brody, and Gregory E. Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Social Effects of Emotions
Gerben A. van Kleef and Stéphane Côté [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Catching Up on Multilevel Modeling
Lesa Hoffman and Ryan W. Walters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimizing Research Output: How Can Psychological Research Methods Be Improved?
Jeff Miller and Rolf Ulrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Replicability, Robustness, and Reproducibility in Psychological Science
Brian A. Nosek, Tom E. Hardwicke, Hannah Moshontz, Aurélien Allard, Katherine S. Corker, Anna Dreber, Fiona Fidler, Joe Hilgard, Melissa Kline Struhl, Michèle B. Nuijten, Julia M. Rohrer, Felipe Romero, Anne M. Scheel, Laura D. Scherer, Felix D. Schönbrodt, and Simine Vazire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quantum Cognition
Emmanuel M. Pothos and Jerome R. Busemeyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psicología y Pueblos Indígenas
Roberto González, Héctor Carvacho, and Gloria Jiménez-Moya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]