IWM 2022


1st International Workshop in Marketing, Porto, 13 May 2022; Deadline 30 Jan

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Author: Paula Rodrigues

1st International Workshop in Marketing – COMEGI – Universidade Lusíada

Logotype: IWM2022
Workshop Date: May 13, 2022
Localization: Porto – Universidade Lusíada (May 13, 2022)

Workshop focus and aims:

The theme of the 1st International Workshop in Marketing (IWM2022) is ‘Sustainability and Resilience’, which encourages marketing scholars to explore and examine the threads of marketing management. We call for short papers and papers which challenge and develop marketing theory through a range of methods, techniques, and approaches. We welcome Competitive Short Papers (1000 words including references) and Papers (8000 words including references) which focus on a range of methodological, pedagogical, and impactful issues, including more traditional aspects of marketing focus on the sustainability and resilience of the business. We particularly encourage the submission of cutting-edge research on marketing.

IWM2022 will enable both face-to-face and virtual participation in the Workshop. Participants are invited to submit papers in two modalities: full paper and extended abstract or competitive short papers. All papers and extended abstract or competitive short papers will be subject to a peer-review process. Accepted papers presented at the workshop will be published as an e-book on a USB flash drive, which will be made available to participants at the beginning of the event.

The e-book will be submitted for indexing in Google, EBSCO, and Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).

All contributions are most welcomed!

Publication Opportunities:

Spanish Journal of Marketing

Keynotes Speakers:

Pierre Vallette-Florance
Cleopatra Veloutsou

Workshop Themes:

The thematic scope of the workshop encompasses a forward-looking assessment of emerging theoretical, methodological, and practical issues in the areas of marketing due to the challenges of business sustainability and resilience. Scholars and practitioners are invited to submit for consideration abstract/short papers related to the following topics:

  1. Innovation, Management, and Technology
  2. Digital Marketing & Immersive Technologies
  3. e-business/e-commerce
  4. AI and machine learning in marketing
  5. Consumer Behaviour
  6. The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumers
  7. Consumer-brand Relationships
  8. Consumer well-being
  9. Consumer and brand experience
  10. Branding and Brand Management
  11. Brand Equity
  12. Brand Authenticity
  13. Brand Engagement
  14. Luxury and Masstige Brand
  15. Tourism, Hospitality & Destination Branding
  16. Marketing Strategy
  17. Sales management
  18. Retail and service management
  19. Emerging (digital) technologies and business models
  20. Marketing Communication
  21. Digital and Social Media Marketing
  22. Advertising
  23. Promotion
  24. Power of word-of-mouth
  25. Circular economy as a marketing priority
  26. Pricing
  27. Service marketing
  28. International and cross-cultural marketing
  29. Gastronomic/food and wine marketing
  30. Public Sector and Non-profit Marketing
  31. Health Marketing
  32. Fashion Marketing
  33. Event Marketing
  34. Tourism, Hospitality & Destination Marketing

Oral Presentation:

We encourage the submission of Competitive Short Papers/Papers on any area of marketing which will each be delivered in a 15-minute oral presentation at the Workshop in topics sessions.

Key Dates:

Abstract submission: 30 January 2022
Notification: 15 February 2022
Short Paper/Papers submission: 1 March 2022
Acceptance Notification: 30 March 2022
Early Bird rate deadline: 8 April 2022
Final registration date: 15 April 2022
Workshop date: 13 May 2022

Guidelines for Submission:

All papers must be submitted online via the IWM2022 website.

These must be:

  • Original.
  • A maximum of 1000 words long (including references) for short papers and a maximum of 8000 words long (including references) for papers.
  • References must be presented in APA 7 (American Psychological Association) Style.
  • Papers accepted for Oral Presentation will be delivered as a 15-minute presentation as part of a themed session.
  • Authors should ensure that their names or any other author-identifying information are not included in the text of the paper.
  • Authors will be asked to provide additional information as part of their submission to clarify the stage of their research e.g., conceptualization, methodological development, data collection, data analysis, theoretical development, or if their competitive short paper is a summary of a full completed paper.
  • Authors will be asked to provide keywords for their submission.
  • Authors may submit no more than 3 papers in total.
  • The details of all authors must be entered into the online system. Communication will only be with the submitting author. When submitting, please complete all the registration fields and use the same email address consistently as this is the only way the system can contact you.
  • Please indicate if the submitting author is a Ph.D. Student.
  • The submitting author will be asked to warrant that they have the authority of their co-author(s) to submit the short paper, and that they have read and agree to the workshop Terms and Conditions, available in this document.
  • Submissions will be reviewed, and feedback provided to author(s).

Terms and Conditions:

Authors agree to abide by the following terms and conditions associated with submitting a short paper for the IWM2022 Workshop:

  1. The deadline for submission of abstract is Midnight GMT 30 January 2022. All short papers/papers will be independently reviewed. Authors should ensure that their names or any author-identifying information are not included in the text of their submission. The language of the workshop is English, and all papers should be in English.
  2. All short papers/papers submitted should follow the submission guidelines provided in relation to references. All author and co-author details will be inputted as part of the online submission form and the Organizing Committee will only contact the author who submitted the short paper.
  3. The decision of the IWM2022 Workshop Chairs in relation to the acceptance of the short papers/papers is final.
  4. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection and provided with feedback as soon as the review process has been completed.
  5. By submitting a short paper/paper to be reviewed, the author(s) are indicating that at least one of the authors will attend the workshop and present the short paper/paper. Any short papers/papers not represented by an author/co-author will not be published in the Workshop Proceedings.
  6. All attendant presenters must register for the IWM2022 Workshop and pay the registration fee by the required date (15 April 2022) or their short paper/paper will be withdrawn.
  7. Successfully refereed short papers/paper will be published in the IWM2022 Workshop Proceedings. The Workshop Proceedings are registered with an ISBN. The Workshop Proceedings will be submitted to indexation at EBSCO, Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics), and SCOPUS (Elsevier).

By submitting your short paper/paper (Contribution) to the IWM2022 Workshop you warrant that the Contribution will be original, will not violate or infringe any existing copyright or other right (of whatever nature) of any third party; will contain nothing obscene, blasphemous, defamatory, misleading or otherwise unlawful; and will contain no factual statements which are not true or based upon generally accepted research practices; and you further warrant that you have full power to enter into this Agreement.

Copyright in the Workshop Proceedings is with the IWM2022 Workshop. Authors retain the rights to their individual short papers/papers included in the proceedings, and by submitting their work for presentation at the Workshop, authors grant a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to the IWM2022 Workshop to reproduce the Contribution throughout the world in all forms (present, future, and contingent, and including all renewals, extensions, revivals, and all accrued rights of action). The IWM2022 Workshop will have the right, where we consider it necessary, to revise, edit, amend, and correct the Contribution in the interests of the relevance, consistency and quality of the style and content of the Proceedings as a whole. The IWM2022 Workshop will have the right to decline to publish the Contribution if, for any reason, it fails to meet with our full satisfaction. The IWM2022 Workshop, Lusíada University, their publisher, and staff take no responsibility and accept no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, impact, or consequences of any paper published in the workshop proceedings, whether refereed or not. Papers reflect the authors’ opinions, not those of the IWM2022 Workshop, Lusíada University, their publisher, or their staff.

Scientific Committee:

  • Luís Valadares Tavares (COMEGI, UL – Portugal)
  • Paula Rodrigues (UL – Porto and V.N.Famalicão, and COMEGI – Portugal)
  • Carlos Martins (UL – Porto and V.N.Famalicão, and COMEGI – Portugal)
  • Ana Sousa (COMEGI – UL – Portugal)
  • Ana Pinto Borges (ISAG, CICET-FCVC and COMEGI – Portugal)
  • Elvira Vieira (ISAG, CICET-FCVC and UNIAG– Portugal)
  • Isabel Cantista (UL – Porto, and COMEGI – Portugal)
  • Mónica Gómez-Suárez (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, and COMEGI – Spain)
  • Sandra Loureiro (ISCTE and BRU, Portugal)
  • Ana Brochado (ISCTE and BRU, Portugal)
  • Amélia Brandão (FEP-UP, Portugal)
  • Aaron Ahuvia (University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA)
  • Marc Fitschering (Rollins College, Florida, USA)
  • Helena Nobre (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal)
  • Carlos Brito (FEP-UP, Portugal)
  • Paulo Cardoso (UL – Porto and V.N.Famalicão, and COMEGI – Portugal)
  • Muhammad Junaid (COMSATS University Islamabad; COMEGI, Pakistan)
  • Ilias Kapareliotis (The American College of Greece; Greece)
  • Justin Paul (University of Puerto Rico, USA)
  • Rajeev Batra (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Costas Assimakopoulos (Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Caroline Tan (Keio University, Japan)
  • Joseph Hair (University of South Alabama, USA)
  • Paulo Ramos (UL – Porto and V.N.Famalicão, and COMEGI – Portugal)
  • Silvia Faria (Universidade Portucalense, Portugal)
  • Ana Maria Soares (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
  • George Babalanis (Cass Business School, UK)
  • Cleopatra Veloutsou (University of Glasgow, UK)

Organizing Committe:

  • Paula Rodrigues
  • Ana Pinto Borges
  • Ana Sousa
  • João Rocha
  • Isabel Barbosa
  • Clara Madeira


  • Academics (authors and co-authors): 145€
  • Ph.D. Candidates and Master students: 75€
  • Early registration (until 5 April): 95€

Academics, Ph.D. Candidates and Master Students fee includes:

Workshop attendance, workshop proceedings (in electronic form), certificate of participation, lunch, and coffee breaks.



Paula Rodrigues – paula_rodrigues@por.ulusíada.pt
Ana Sousa – ferreira.antunes.ana@gmail.com