Consumer Insights from Text Analysis


Special Issue of the Journal of Consumer Psychology; Deadline 1 Aug 2022

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Author: Grant Packard


Special Issue

Consumer Insights from Text Analysis

Deadline for submission: August 1, 2022 (submissions accepted beginning June 1, 2022)

Issue Editors: Grant Packard, Sarah Moore, and Jonah Berger

Read the full Call for Papers here.

Overview and purpose of the special issue

Language, whether spoken or written, is fundamental to the consumer experience. It’s how consumers express their thoughts, articulate choices, negotiate with others, and receive information about products or services. And it’s how marketers deliver persuasion attempts, make apologies, and build relationships with consumers.

This JCP special issue seeks articles that use automated text analysis to examine consumption-related phenomena. While text analysis is often applied to field data generated by consumers or marketers, it can also be used to examine the text that study participants produce experimentally. Thought listings, open-ended responses, diaries, and audio recordings of language can be converted to text and analyzed to produce novel and psychologically rich predictors, process variables, or outcome measures. The same is true of communications consumers receive in the lab or field. Text analysis of natural language can be especially useful when consumers have less insight into their own attitudes, behaviors, or intentions, or when social desirability or acquiescence bias may lead to biased responding in traditional, undisguised measures (e.g., trait or state scales).

As such, we welcome submissions that use text analysis to study consumer psychology. Papers may use only text analysis, or text analysis as part of a broader set of empirical approaches. While text analysis is often used on online reviews or social media, and we welcome such papers, we are also interested in papers that “grow the tent,” applying this approach to a broader set of data and topics.

Of course, we also welcome text analysis focused on language itself, or articles that attempt to introduce or apply novel methods, custom dictionaries, or otherwise advance the use of automated text analysis by consumer psychologists.

As with regular issues of JCP, we welcome both regular length Research Articles and shorter Research Reports that otherwise meet the criteria for these submission types.

Read the full Call for Papers here.

Articles for this special issue should be submitted between June 1 – August 1, 2022, and will be considered on a rolling basis during that period. Manuscripts should be submitted using the regular JCP online system, but specify that the submission is for this special issue.