J Behav Dec Making


Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 35(1)



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Norm avoiders: The effect of optional descriptive norms on charitable donations
Per A. Andersson, Arvid Erlandsson, Daniel Västfjäll [Google Scholar]

Applying a logic of appropriateness to understand behavioral differences between common resource dilemmas and public good dilemmas
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Tactical anger in negotiation: The expresser’s perspective
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The left digit effect in a complex judgment task: Evaluating hypothetical college applicants
Andrea L. Patalano, Katherine Williams, Gillian Weeks, Kelsey Kayton, Hilary Barth [Google Scholar]

Narrative expectations in financial forecasting
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Effects of self–other decision‐making on time‐based intertemporal choice
Cui-Xia Zhao, Si-Chu Shen, Yan Li, Xin Liu, Shu Li [Google Scholar]

Characteristics of quantifiers moderate the framing effect
Dawn L. Holford, Marie Juanchich, Miroslav Sirota [Google Scholar]

Attributions for ambiguity in a treatment‐decision context can create ambiguity aversion or seeking
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