J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(1)



Changes in industrial network logics: the case of the Japanese retail industry
Yoritoshi Hara [Google Scholar]

Top management service commitment and new product development in manufacturing firms: the moderating role of dysfunctional competition
Yapu Zhao, Dong Liu, Wenhong Zhang, Silei Chen [Google Scholar]

A coordination mechanism through cost sharing of corporate social responsibility and government subsidy in a two-echelon supply chain
Yong Liu, Wenwen Ren, Qian Xu, Zhiyang Liu [Google Scholar]

Marketing capabilities for small and medium enterprises that supply large companies
Emerson Wagner Mainardes, Gabriela Pessoa de Oliveira Cisneiros, Carlos Jorge Taborda Macedo, Amilson de Araujo Durans [Google Scholar]

Making better foreign friendships: the effects of increased cultural diversity in alliance portfolios and portfolio configuration decisions on firm performance
Ning Li, William Hoggan Murphy [Google Scholar]

How does renqing influence purchase intentions in the Chinese business-to-business context?
Xun Zhang, Biao Xu, Jun Wu [Google Scholar]

A framework for the relationship implications of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for industrial marketing: servitization, sustainability and customer empowerment
Damien Chaney, Julien Gardan, Julien De Freyman [Google Scholar]

The sponsorship performance cycle: longitudinal evidence of sponsors’ contribution to Formula One team achievement
Joe B. Cobbs, Jonathan A. Jensen, B. David Tyler [Google Scholar]

Multichannel integration through innovation capability in manufacturing SMEs and its impact on performance
Diana Kolbe, Haydeé Calderón, Marta Frasquet [Google Scholar]

Modeling the supply chain finance (SCF) barriers of Indian SMEs using BWM framework
Chandra Prakash Garg, Vishal Kashav [Google Scholar]

B2B engagement within an internet of things ecosystem
Sadia Soltani [Google Scholar]

Networking capability: a systematic review of literature and future research agenda
Mohammadreza Arasti, Nima Garousi Mokhtarzadeh, Ismail Jafarpanah [Google Scholar]

A sequential logic model between sales performance and salesperson satisfaction in B2B markets
Rocío Rodríguez, Nils Høgevold, Carmen Otero-Neira, Göran Svensson [Google Scholar]

The role of trust in innovation ecosystems
Fernanda Kalil Steinbruch, Leandro da Silva Nascimento, Daniela Callegaro de Menezes [Google Scholar]

Putting marketing knowledge to use: marketing-specific relational capital and product/service innovation performance
Carmela Peñalba-Aguirrezabalaga, Paavo Ritala, Josune Sáenz [Google Scholar]

Examining effectiveness of online and offline channel integration
Chung Heon Oh [Google Scholar]