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Industrial Marketing Management, 100


Teaching: How to ensure quality teaching, and how to recognize teaching qualifications
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Roderick J. Brodie, Sebastian Zenker [Google Scholar]

Service customization in turbulent environments: Service business models and knowledge integration to create capability-based switching costs
Alejandro G. Frank, Glauco H. de Souza Mendes, Guilherme Brittes Benitez, Néstor F. Ayala [Google Scholar]

Is it enough to be market-oriented? How coopetition and industry experience affect the relationship between a market orientation and customer satisfaction performance
James M. Crick, Masoud Karami, Dave Crick [Google Scholar]

Interfirm problem representation: Developing shared understanding within inter-organizational networks
Samuel Johnson Ogundipe, Linda D. Peters, Zsófia Tóth [Google Scholar]

The impact of alternative financial supply chain management practices on supply risk: A relationship quality and buyer relative power perspective
Saeed Najafi-Tavani, Hossein Sharifi, Peter Naudé, Elmira Parvizi-Omran [Google Scholar]

Inside sales social media use and its strategic implications for salesperson-customer digital engagement and performance
Nawar N. Chaker, Edward L. Nowlin, Maxwell T. Pivonka, Omar S. Itani, Raj Agnihotri [Google Scholar]

Using shaping-strategies to thrive in the age of disruption. Edited by Kaj Storbacka, Linda D. Peters, Suvi Nenonen, Roderick J. Brodie

Shaping market systems for social change in emerging economies
Franziska S. Kullak, Julia A. Fehrer, Jonathan J. Baker, Herbert Woratschek, Joana Sam-Cobbah [Google Scholar]

A sense-based perspective on market shaping: Theorizing strategies for the origination and propagation of new resource linkages
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Ingo O. Karpen, Moritz J. Kleinaltenkamp [Google Scholar]

Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities. Edited by: Yogesh Dwivedi, Yichuan Wang

Power negotiation on the tango dancefloor: The adoption of AI in B2B marketing
Brendan James Keegan, Ana Isabel Canhoto, Dorothy Ai-wan Yen [Google Scholar]

The parallax nature of studying business markets, relationships and networks. Edited by: Woonho Kim, Christopher J. Medlin, Poul Houman Andersen and Ilkka Ojansivu

Using a ‘lens’ to re-search business markets, relationships and networks: Tensions, challenges and possibilities
Ilkka Ojansivu, Christopher John Medlin, Poul Houman Andersen, Woonho Kim [Google Scholar]

Intra and interorganizational paradoxes and actionable solutions in product-service networks. Edited by: Ismail Golgeci, Ewelina Lacka, Olli Kuivalainen and Vicky Story

Managing paradoxical tensions in platform-based modular solution networks
Ruiqi Wei, Susi Geiger, Roisin Vize [Google Scholar]

Asian cultural-specific concepts and their influence on B2B relationships and management. Edited By: Dorothy A Yen And Martin J Liu

Et-Moone (ميانة) versus Wasta (واسطة): Understanding the concept of Et-Moone-based Wasta
Ibrahim Abosag, Pervez Ghauri [Google Scholar]