The Theorization Seminar


Doctoral Seminar on Consumption, Markets, and Culture Theorization, Ankara, 22-27 Aug 2022


Author: Eminegül Karababa

Doctoral Seminar on Consumption, Markets, and Culture Theorization

The Theorization Seminar

August 22-27, 2022
Ankara, Turkey

This is a weeklong intensive seminar that emphasizes mid-range and contextualized theorization in the field of socio-cultural approaches to marketing and consumption. We used to run this seminar biennially at Bilkent University. Since 2019, we have been continuing the seminar at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

The seminar entails contemporary forms of historical, socio-cultural, and political-economic analyses of markets, consumption, and marketing. The intended audience is doctoral students and junior faculty members; however, anyone interested is welcome.

The seminar is part of the European Doctoral School on Consumer Culture Theorizing (for details see or More details will be available soon.

Objectives of the Seminar:

1. The goal of the seminar is to familiarize scholars with the socio-culturally inspired studies of markets, consumption, and marketing or Consumer Culture Theoretics (CCT). The readings and the speakers highlight an interdisciplinary perspective and seek to expose the participants to sophisticated discussions of consumption and markets within marketing, anthropology, sociology, communication, and cultural and gender studies. The seminar emphasizes the historical, socio-cultural, political-economic, and ethical dimensions and challenges of consumption and marketing in developed and developing nations in the global north and south.

2. The seminar also aims to enable the participants to frame and conceptualize their work in relation to the literature. Speakers and participants will discuss crafting research questions and generating a theoretical contribution.

3. Another purpose of the seminar is to increase the participants’ awareness of the expectations of international journals and review processes. There will be a faculty panel on “how to publish” research papers.

Seminar Coordinators:

  • Eminegül Karababa, Department of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University,
  • Guliz Ger, Faculty of Business Administration, Bilkent University,
  • Olga Kravets, School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway, University of London,

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Doctoral Seminar on Consumption, Markets, and Culture Theorization will be held in Ankara at the Middle East Technical University, August (22-27).

More details and the application information will be available soon…