J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 175(1)



Editorial Essay

The Metrics of Ethics and the Ethics of Metrics
Gazi Islam, Michelle Greenwood [Google Scholar]

Highway to (Digital) Surveillance: When Are Clients Coerced to Share Their Data with Insurers?
Michele Loi, Christian Hauser, Markus Christen [Google Scholar]

Just Look at the Numbers: A Case Study on Quantification in Corporate Environmental Disclosures
Janne Järvinen, Matias Laine, Timo Hyvönen, Hannele Kantola [Google Scholar]

When Does Corporate Social Responsibility Backfire in Acquisitions? Signal Incongruence and Acquirer Returns
Tingting Zhang, Zhengyi Zhang, Jingyu Yang [Google Scholar]

Inducing Corporate Social Responsibility: Should Investors Reward the Responsible or Punish the Irresponsible?
Tyson B. Mackey, Alison Mackey, Lisa Jones Christensen, Jason J. Lepore [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder Engagement, Knowledge Problems and Ethical Challenges
J. Robert Mitchell, Ronald K. Mitchell, Richard A. Hunt, David M. Townsend, Jae H. Lee [Google Scholar]

Trust Erosion During Industry-Wide Crises: The Central Role of Consumer Legitimacy Judgement
Shijiao Chen, Jing A. Zhang, Hongzhi Gao, Zhilin Yang, Damien Mather [Google Scholar]

Contesting Dishonesty: When and Why Perspective-Taking Decreases Ethical Tolerance of Marketplace Deception
Guang-Xin Xie, Hua Chang, Tracy Rank-Christman [Google Scholar]

A Configurational Analysis of the Causes of Consumer Indirect Misbehaviors in Access-Based Consumption
Xiao-Ling Jin, Zhongyun Zhou, Yiwei Tian [Google Scholar]

Drivers of Sustainability and Consumer Well-Being: An Ethically-Based Examination of Religious and Cultural Values
Elizabeth A. Minton, Soo Jiuan Tan, Siok Kuan Tambyah, Richie L. Liu [Google Scholar]

How Yoga-Based Practices Build Altruistic Behavior? Examining the Role of Subjective Vitality, Self-transcendence, and Psychological Capital
Chirag Dagar, Ashish Pandey, Ajinkya Navare [Google Scholar]

Competing Logics in the Islamic Funds Industry: A Market Logic Versus a Religious Logic
Khaled O. Alotaibi, Christine Helliar, Nongnuch Tantisantiwong [Google Scholar]