Spanish J Mar


Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC, 25(3)


Engaging consumers through firm-generated content on Instagram
Estefania Ballester, Carla Ruiz, Natalia Rubio [Google Scholar]

When love matters. Experience and brand love as antecedents of loyalty and willingness to pay a premium price in streaming services
Mauricio Santos, Walesska Schlesinger [Google Scholar]

Influence of emotions displayed by employees during service recovery
María Sicilia, M. Carmen Caro-Jiménez, Estela Fernández-Sabiote [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of offline and online rewards in restoring satisfaction and trust
Zonaib Tahir [Google Scholar]

A profile of mobile service users in a mature market: from “uninvolved pragmatics” to “potential switchers”
Cristina Calvo-Porral, Luis-Miguel Otero-Prada [Google Scholar]

Understanding the consumer’s intention to use the e-wallet services
Shaizatulaqma Kamalul Ariffin, Mohamad Fakhrul Reza Abd Rahman, Ali Mughal Muhammad, Qi Zhang [Google Scholar]