J Dest Mar Man


Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 22



Tourism and an evolving international boundary: Bordering, debordering and rebordering on Usedom Island, Poland-Germany
Marek Więckowski, Dallen J. Timothy [Google Scholar]

Reviving Indian Tourism amid the Covid-19 pandemic: Challenges and workable solutions
Satya Bhusan Dash, Priyanka Sharma [Google Scholar]

Why urban setting matters in shaping tourist attitudes towards interaction with residents: Causation or selection in three urban settings
Xing Su, Pieter Hooimeijer, Bas Spierings [Google Scholar]

Crowding-out or crowding-in: The impact of Chinese tourists on selected tourist segments in Vietnam destinations
Linh H. Le, Jorge Ridderstaat [Google Scholar]

Interpreting disaster: How interpretation types predict tourist satisfaction and loyalty to dark tourism sites
Jinwei Wang, Guoquan Wang, Junjiao Zhang, Xin Wang [Google Scholar]

Shore excursions of cruise destinations: Product categories, resource allocation, and regional differentiation
Xiaodong Sun, Robert Kwortnik, Meihua Xu, Yui-yip Lau, Rongxin Ni [Google Scholar]

Profiling literary tourists: A motivational perspective
Naipeng (Tom) Bu, Steve Pan, Haiyan Kong, Xiaoxiao Fu, Bingna Lin [Google Scholar]

Destination’s social media communication and emotions: An investigation of visit intentions, word-of-mouth and travelers’ facially expressed emotions
Lisa Schoner-Schatz, Verena Hofmann, Nicola E. Stokburger-Sauer [Google Scholar]

Is the destination brand loyalty mechanism invariable? A comparative study from China
Feng Xu, Cuijing Zhan, Lijun Lu, Juan Tan, Shuaishuai Li, Jie Li [Google Scholar]

Visit intention of non-visitors: A step toward advancing a people-centered image
Dori Davari, SooCheong Jang [Google Scholar]

Residents’ social capital in rural tourism development: Guanxi in housing demolition
Meiling Dai, Daisy X.F. Fan, Rong Wang, Yanghong Ou, Xiaolong Ma [Google Scholar]

The effects of fashion lifestyle, perceived value of luxury consumption, and tourist–destination identification on visit intention: A study of Chinese cigar aficionados
Jun Wen, Songshan (Sam) Huang [Google Scholar]

Examining relationships between COVID-19 destination practices, value, satisfaction and behavioral intentions for tourists’ outdoor recreation trips
Prasanna Humagain, Patrick A. Singleton [Google Scholar]

Experiential marketing as a tool to enhance Tourists’ pre-travel online destination experiences? A web-based experiment
Anne Köchling [Google Scholar]

The challenge for products that do not fit the destination image
Bob McKercher [Google Scholar]

Big data use in determining competitive position: The case of theme parks in Hong Kong
Tahir Albayrak, Aslıhan Dursun Cengizci, Meltem Caber, Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong [Google Scholar]

How much do we ‘pay’ for a mega-event? A valuation of traffic-related social costs
Dixi Zhong, Jigang Bao, Leo Jago [Google Scholar]

Retraction notice to “The role of destination image as a mediator between tourists’ emotional experiences and behavioral intentions: A study of wellness tourism” [Journal of Destination Marketing & Management 16 (2020) 100342]
Pramod Sharma, Jogendra Kumar Nayak [Google Scholar]