Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 39(1)



Intergenerational influence on sustainable consumer attitudes and behaviors: Roles of family communication and peer influence in environmental consumer socialization
Oguzhan Essiz, Carter Mandrik [Google Scholar]

When goliaths win and davids lose: The moderating role of perceived risk in brand biography effects
Ali Tezer, Onur Bodur, Bianca Grohmann [Google Scholar]

When do amount‐off discounts result in more positive consumer responses? Meta‐analytic evidence
Qin Yuan, Jiang Li, Yushi Jiang, Chun Liu [Google Scholar]

Value dimensions of gamification and their influence on brand loyalty and word‐of‐mouth: Relationships and combinations with satisfaction and brand love
Pedro Torres, Mário Augusto, Cristiana Neves [Google Scholar]

The impact of COVID‐19 on consumer evaluation of authentic advertising messages
Jooyoung Park, Jungkeun Kim, Daniel C. Lee, Seongseop S. Kim, Benjamin G. Voyer, Changju Kim, Billy Sung, Hector Gonzalez-Jimenez, Fernando Fastoso, Yung K. Choi, Sukki Yoon [Google Scholar]

Social influence and stakeholder engagement behavior conformity, compliance, and reactance
Linda D. Hollebeek PhD, David E. Sprott PhD, Valdimar Sigurdsson PhD, Moira K. Clark PhD [Google Scholar]

Obesity and compensatory consumption: Evidence from jewelry shopping
Didem Kurt [Google Scholar]

Consumer ethics: A review and research agenda
Syed Masroor Hassan, Zillur Rahman, Justin Paul [Google Scholar]

It is different than what I saw online: Negative effects of webrooming on purchase intentions
Sorim Chung PhD, Cecile K. Cho PhD, Amitav Chakravarti PhD [Google Scholar]

‘Regrettable‐escapism’ the negative effects of mobile app use: A retail perspective
Graeme McLean, Khalid Al-Nabhani, Hannah Marriott [Google Scholar]

Examining consumers’ continuous usage of multichannel retailers’ mobile applications
Khalid Al-Nabhani, Alan Wilson, Graeme McLean [Google Scholar]

The simultaneous sponsorship of rival teams: Beyond ingroup favoritism and outgroup animosity
Colleen Bee, Vassilis Dalakas, Johnny Chen [Google Scholar]

Impact of cause‐related marketing on consumer advocacy and cause participation: A causal model based on self‐reports and eye‐tracking measures
Alberto Badenes-Rocha, Enrique Bigne, Carla Ruiz [Google Scholar]

Should companies hope instead? The role of verbal cues in consumers’ evaluation of cause‐related marketing (CRM)
Maria Lagomarsino, Linda Lemarié [Google Scholar]

Love is in the air. Consumers’ perception of products from firms signaling their family nature
Natalie Rauschendorfer, Reinhard Prügl, Maximilian Lude [Google Scholar]