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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 64



Linking atmospherics to shopping outcomes: The role of the desire to stay
Maher Georges Elmashhara, Ana Maria Soares [Google Scholar]

The geography of e-shopping in China: On the role of physical and virtual accessibility
Rui Shao, Ben Derudder, Frank Witlox [Google Scholar]

Interactivity, Inspiration, and Perceived Usefulness! How retailers’ AR-apps improve consumer engagement through flow
Vahideh Arghashi, Cenk Arsun Yuksel [Google Scholar]

Better support for supportive jobs. How to improve brand performance through better compensation and training for in-store merchandisers
Jan-Hinrich Meyer, Eva M. González, Miguel A. Lopez-Lomelí [Google Scholar]

The social significance of AI in retail on customer experience and shopping practices
Simon Moore, Sandy Bulmer, Jonathan Elms [Google Scholar]

Additive omnichannel atmospheric cues: The mediating effects of cognitive and affective responses on purchase intention
Chris Lazaris, Adam Vrechopoulos, Panagiotis Sarantopoulos, Georgios Doukidis [Google Scholar]

Gender’s moderating role in the relationship between organisational form and performance in the Spanish supermarket industry
Luis Vázquez-Suárez, Pericles Ramón Mejía-Vásquez, Sheila Serafim da Silva, Roberto Sánchez-Gómez [Google Scholar]

Reconciling conflict of interests in a green retailing channel with green sales effort
Jafar Heydari, Pegah Bineshpour, Grit Walther, M. Ali Ülkü [Google Scholar]

Towards a Mobile App Diffusion of Innovations model: A multinational study of mobile wallet adoption
Norman Shaw, Brenda Eschenbrenner, Benedikt M. Brand [Google Scholar]

Customer happiness as a function of perceived loyalty program benefits – A quantile regression approach
Reeti Agarwal, Ankit Mehrotra, Dheeraj Misra [Google Scholar]

I read, therefore I buy? Analyzing the impact of flyer distribution and readership on purchase behaviour
Marco Ieva, Cristina Ziliani, Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad, Ida D’Attoma [Google Scholar]

Shopping mall retailing: A bibliometric analysis and systematic assessment of Chebat’s contributions
Nina Krey, Karine Picot-Coupey, Gérard Cliquet [Google Scholar]

The extension of animosity model of foreign product purchase: Does country of origin matter?
Hung Trong Hoang, Khanh Ngoc Bich Ho, Trang P. Tran, Truc Quang Le [Google Scholar]

What drives consumers to customize products? The mediating role of brand experience
Jessica L. Pallant, Ingo O. Karpen, Sean J. Sands [Google Scholar]

When and how consumers are willing to exchange data with retailers: An exploratory segmentation
Jason I. Pallant, Jessica L. Pallant, Sean J. Sands, Carla R. Ferraro, Eslam Afifi [Google Scholar]

A sound brand identity design: The interplay between sound symbolism and typography on brand attitude and memory
Yesel Jun, Hyunju Lee [Google Scholar]

Creating and detecting fake reviews of online products
Joni Salminen, Chandrashekhar Kandpal, Ahmed Mohamed Kamel, Soon-gyo Jung, Bernard J. Jansen [Google Scholar]

Towards rebuilding the highstreet: Learning from customers’ town centre shopping journeys
Majd AbedRabbo, Cathryn Hart, Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, Zeina AlMalak [Google Scholar]

Learning, contractual capabilities, and contract duration changes in franchise networks
Frédéric Perdreau, Marc Fréchet [Google Scholar]

How can I Be as attractive as a Fitness YouTuber in the era of COVID-19? The impact of digital attributes on flow experience, satisfaction, and behavioral intention
Minseong Kim [Google Scholar]

The impact of supermarket credibility on purchase intention of novel food
Inhaeng Noah Jung, Amit Sharma, Anna S. Mattila [Google Scholar]

Crowding in the time of COVID: Effects on rapport and shopping satisfaction
Sevgin A. Eroglu, Karen A. Machleit, Emma G. Neybert [Google Scholar]

More than a mere cup of coffee: When perceived luxuriousness triggers Chinese customers’ perceptions of quality and self-congruity
Rong Li, Michel Laroche, Marie-Odile Richard, Xinyu Cui [Google Scholar]

The impact of introducing a customer loyalty program on category sales and profitability
Chen Lin, Douglas Bowman [Google Scholar]

Consumer rights or unethical behaviors: Exploring the impacts of retailer return policies
Hsiu-Hua Chang, Ting-Shan Yang [Google Scholar]

Sustainably sustaining (online) fashion consumption: Using influencers to promote sustainable (un)planned behaviour in Europe’s millennials
Leanne Johnstone, Cecilia Lindh [Google Scholar]

The role of art infusion in enhancing pro-environmental luxury brand advertising
Sara Quach, Felix Septianto, Park Thaichon, Reza Ashari Nasution [Google Scholar]

Pricing strategies of two-sided platforms considering privacy concerns
Yongrui Duan, Peng Liu, Yixuan Feng [Google Scholar]

M-atmospherics: From the physical to the digital
Steven W. Rayburn, Sidney T. Anderson, Gail M. Zank, Imani McDonald [Google Scholar]

Exploring the core factors of online purchase decisions by building an E-Commerce network evolution model
Luming Yang, Min Xu, Lin Xing [Google Scholar]

Dynamic impact of negative public sentiment on agricultural product prices during COVID-19
Yunqiang Liu, Sha Liu, Deping Ye, Hong Tang, Fang Wang [Google Scholar]

Revealing travellers’ satisfaction during COVID-19 outbreak: Moderating role of service quality
Mehrbakhsh Nilashi, Rabab Ali Abumalloh, Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli, Waleed Abdu Zogaan, Ashwaq Alhargan, Saidatulakmal Mohd, Sharifah Nurlaili Farhana Syed Azhar, Shahla Asadi, Sarminah Samad [Google Scholar]

Increasing customer loyalty and WOM in an age of terror: Cross-cultural development and validation of the customers’ reactions to terror scale (CRTS)
Shaked Gilboa, Tali Seger-Guttmann, Judith Partouche-Sebban [Google Scholar]

The multiple effects of service innovation and quality on transitional and electronic word-of-mouth in predicting customer behaviour
Wei-Long Lee, Chih-Hsing Liu, Tzu-Wen Tseng [Google Scholar]

Do brands’ social media marketing activities matter? A moderation analysis
Imran Khan [Google Scholar]

Way to success: Understanding top streamer’s popularity and influence from the perspective of source characteristics
Yuanyuan Guo, Kexin Zhang, Chaoyou Wang [Google Scholar]

Price, online coupon, and store service effort decisions under different omnichannel retailing models
Zonghuo Li, Di Wang, Wensheng Yang, Hyun Seung Jin [Google Scholar]

The role of memorable experience and emotional intelligence in senior customer loyalty to geriatric hotels
Catherine Prentice, Sergio Dominique-Ferreira, Andreia Ferreira, Xuequn (Alex) Wang [Google Scholar]

New insights in Peer-to-Peer carsharing and ridesharing participation intentions: Evidence from the “provider-user” perspective
Marc Prieto, Valentina Stan, George Baltas [Google Scholar]

Impact of customer experience on attitude and repurchase intention in online grocery retailing: A moderation mechanism of value Co-creation
Kumari Anshu, Loveleen Gaur, Gurmeet Singh [Google Scholar]

The status quo bias and its individual differences from a price management perspective
Dominic Bergers [Google Scholar]

The effects of framing messages and cause-related marketing on backing intentions in reward-based crowdfunding
Ying-Feng Kuo, Cathy S. Lin, Li-Te Liu [Google Scholar]

Why do consumers purchase biodegradable plastic? The impact of hedonics and environmental motivations on switching intention from synthetic to biodegradable plastic among the young consumers
Taofeeq D. Moshood, Gusman Nawanir, Fatimah Mahmud, Fazeeda Mohamad, Mohd Hanafiah Ahmad, Airin AbdulGhani [Google Scholar]

Partnerships that go places: How to successfully market products from vendor partners at retail stores from the vendors’ perspective
Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Jia-Wei Tang, Chih-Jou Chen [Google Scholar]

Online reviews as a pacifying decision-making assistant
Loc Tuan Le, Pham Thi Minh Ly, Nhan Thanh Nguyen, Lobel Trong Thuy Tran [Google Scholar]

Is there any value in the online reviews of remedial satisfied customers? An empirical study in the hospitality industry
Yanzhuang Bai, Tingwu Li, Chundong Zheng [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ personality and compulsive buying behavior: The role of hedonistic shopping experiences and gender in mediating-moderating relationships
Piotr Tarka, Monika Kukar-Kinney, Richard J. Harnish [Google Scholar]

Interplays between manufacturer advertising and retailer store brand introduction: Agency vs. wholesale contracts
Qichao Shen, Bo He, Qiankai Qing [Google Scholar]

Online personalized recommended product quality and e-impulse buying: A conditional mediation analysis
Seth Ampadu, Yuanchun Jiang, Emmanuel Debrah, Collins Opoku Antwi, Eric Amankwa, Samuel Adu Gyamfi, Richard Amoako [Google Scholar]

A cross cultural investigation of retailers commitment to CSR and customer citizenship behaviour: The role of ethical standard and value relevance
Ziad Hassan Abdelmoety, Sameh Aboul-Dahab, Gomaa Agag [Google Scholar]

Consumer decision-making styles, involvement, and the intention to participate in online group buying
Andreas Klein, Varinder M. Sharma [Google Scholar]

Hidden price promotions: Could retailer price promotions backfire?
Wenjing Li, David M. Hardesty, Adam W. Craig, Lei Song [Google Scholar]

Managing social media recovery: The important role of service recovery transparency in retaining customers
Andreawan Honora, Wen-Hai Chih, Kai-Yu Wang [Google Scholar]

Proposal for modeling social robot acceptance by retail customers: CAN model + technophobia
Áurea Subero-Navarro, Jorge Pelegrín-Borondo, Eva Reinares-Lara, Cristina Olarte-Pascual [Google Scholar]

Effect of WeChat interaction on brand evaluation: A moderated mediation model of para-social interaction and affiliative tendency
Chu-Bing Zhang, Zhuo-Ping Zhang, Ying Chang, Tian-Ge Li, Ru-Jing Hou [Google Scholar]

Profiling shoppers’ coping behaviours during a pandemic crisis: A regulatory focus perspective
Kokho Jason Sit, Erica E.F. Ballantyne, Jonathan Gorst [Google Scholar]

Sustainabilty and retail marketing: Corporate, product and store perspectives
Ulf Elg, Axel Welinder [Google Scholar]

Predicting future consumer purchases in grocery retailing with the condensed Poisson lognormal model
Giang Trinh, Malcolm J. Wright [Google Scholar]

Exploring customer experience during channel switching in omnichannel retailing context: A qualitative assessment
Anh Thi Van Nguyen, Robert McClelland, Nguyen Hoang Thuan [Google Scholar]

From employee engagement to customer engagement: A multilevel dual-path model of engagement spillover effects in service ecosystems
Xiaoyun Han, Shuping Chen, Bing Chen [Google Scholar]

The effect of shopping goals and in-store mobile device use on purchase outcomes in brick-and-mortar stores
Girish Punj [Google Scholar]

Understanding multi-channel consumer behavior: A comparison between segmentations of multi-channel purchases by product category and overall products
Fumiyo N. Kondo, Taishi Okubo [Google Scholar]

Optimal promotion planning for a product launch in the presence of word-of-mouth
Saeide Bigdellou, Shirin Aslani, Mohammad Modarres [Google Scholar]

The impact of retailers’ sustainable development on consumer advocacy: A chain mediation model investigation
Xing-Xin Wang, Ai-Zhong He [Google Scholar]

When service robots look at themselves in the mirror: An examination of the effects of perceptions of robotic self-recognition
Magnus Söderlund [Google Scholar]

Building brand credibility: The role of involvement, identification, reputation and attachment
Sebastian Molinillo, Arnold Japutra, Yuksel Ekinci [Google Scholar]

Should a small-sized store have both online and offline channels? An efficiency analysis of the O2O platform strategy
Hongbum Kim, Min Ho Ryu, Daeho Lee, Jang Hyun Kim [Google Scholar]

Effect of community relationship management, relationship marketing orientation, customer engagement, and brand trust on brand loyalty: The case of a commercial bank in Thailand
Jedsada Wongsansukcharoen [Google Scholar]

Ad creativity in a negative context: How a thanking message frame enhances purchase intention in times of crisis
Vlad Demsar, Sean Sands, Sara Rosengren, Colin Campbell [Google Scholar]

Virtual reality as a promotion tool for small independent stores
Gwia Kim, Byoungho Jin, Daeun Chloe Shin [Google Scholar]

Psychological comfort in service relationships: A mixed-method approach
Karan Nilesh Radia, Sonal Purohit, Shachi Desai, Jitendra Nenavani [Google Scholar]

Cross-national differences in big data analytics adoption in the retail industry
Mayada Abd El-Aziz Youssef, Riyad Eid, Gomaa Agag [Google Scholar]

The influence of customer experience with automated games and social interaction on customer engagement and loyalty in casinos
Jovanie A. Tuguinay, Catherine Prentice, Brent Moyle [Google Scholar]

The influence of communication in destination imagery during COVID-19
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, María Fuentes-Blasco, Lily Xuehui Gao, Iguácel Melero-Polo, Andreea Trifu [Google Scholar]

Seamless experience in the context of omnichannel shopping: scale development and empirical validation
Ya Ping Chang, Jingwen Li [Google Scholar]

Influence of augmented reality product display on consumers’ product attitudes: A product uncertainty reduction perspective
Chunhua Sun, Yuan Fang, Meng Kong, Xiayu Chen, Yezheng Liu [Google Scholar]

Challenging the “integration imperative”: A customer perspective on omnichannel journeys
Isadora Gasparin, Ekaterina Panina, Larissa Becker, Mika Yrjölä, Elina Jaakkola, Cristiane Pizzutti [Google Scholar]

Brand personality appeal in retailing: Comparing fashion- and grocery retailing
Kim Willems [Google Scholar]

Uniform or spatially differentiated? Pricing Strategies for Information Goods under simultaneous and sequential decision-making in multi-market context
Arnab Adhikari, Megha Sharma, Sumanta Basu, Ashish Kumar Jha [Google Scholar]

The distinctive agenda of service failure recovery in e-tailing: Criticality of logistical / non-logistical service failure typologies and e-tailing ethics
Vivek Roy, T. Sai Vijay, Abhishek Srivastava [Google Scholar]

Posted price and name-your-own-price in a product line design problem
Iman Nosoohi [Google Scholar]

Thanks COVID-19, I’ll reconsider my purchase: Can fear appeal reduce online shopping cart abandonment?
Siqi Wang, Jun-Hwa Cheah, Xin-Jean Lim, Yee Choy Leong, Wei Chong Choo [Google Scholar]

Winning ugly: Profit maximizing marketing strategies for ugly foods
Danyi Qi, Jerrod Penn, Ran Li, Brian E. Roe [Google Scholar]

An investigation into online atmospherics: The effect of animated images on emotions, cognition, and purchase intentions
Michel Laroche, Rong Li, Marie-Odile Richard, Mi Zhou [Google Scholar]

Why display motion on packaging? The effect of implied motion on consumer behavior
Junwei Yu, Olivier Droulers, Sophie Lacoste-Badie [Google Scholar]