J Soc Mar


Journal of Social Marketing, 11(4)



Bringing social marketing closer to the disability field [Google Scholar]
Jose Manuel Gil Guzman, Asuncion Hernandez-Fernandez, Pedro Canales-Ronda

The effect of children’s facial expressions in eliciting benevolent behavior for child sponsorships versus one-time donations
Hyunkyu Jang [Google Scholar]

Usability and effectiveness of new media in agricultural learning and development: a case study on the southern states of India
Payel Das, Deepika Pradip [Google Scholar]

The use of digital technologies in social marketing: a systematic review
Tina Flaherty, Christine Domegan, Mihir Anand [Google Scholar]

The role of construal fit in threat appeal to persuade young drivers not to text while driving
Dongjae (Jay) Lim, Jhih-Syuan Lin, Un Chae Chung, Youngjee Ko [Google Scholar]

A new approach to audience segmentation for vaccination messaging: applying the anger activism model
Youjin Jang, Monique Mitchell Turner, Ruth Jinhee Heo, Rachel Barry [Google Scholar]

Exploring determinants of brand extension attitude to promote optimal levels of movement among children and youth
Alexander Lithopoulos, Peter A. Dacin, Mark S. Tremblay, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung [Google Scholar]

Using a social marketing approach to develop a pro-diversity intervention
Markus Brauer, Anissa Dumesnil, Mitchell Robert Campbell [Google Scholar]

Investigating the relevance of the traditional marketing mix across different stages of change: empirical evidence from household recycling
Paul Blaise Issock Issock, Mercy Mpinganjira, Mornay Roberts-Lombard [Google Scholar]

Does sustainable consumption matter? Consumer grocery shopping behaviour andthe pandemic
Ing Grace Phang, Bamini K.P.D. Balakrishnan, Hiram Ting [Google Scholar]

Shaping social marketing research: a retrospective of the journal of social marketing
Muhammad Farrukh, Ali Raza, Fanchen Meng, Yihua Wu, Zhouyang Gu [Google Scholar]

Intention to Vaccinate against COVID-19: a Social Marketing perspective using the Theory of Planned Behaviour and Health Belief Model
Kojo Kakra Twum, Daniel Ofori, Gloria Kakrabah-Quarshie Agyapong, Andrews Agya Yalley [Google Scholar]

Harnessing social listening to explore consumer cognitive bias: implications for upstream social marketing
Michael Mehmet, Troy Heffernan, Jennifer Algie, Behnam Forouhandeh [Google Scholar]

The role of in community-based social marketing: anti-littering interventions
Marilu Fernandez-Haddad, Amanda Aguirre, Maia Ingram [Google Scholar]

Understanding the leaky pipeline system: behavioural ecological approach to the social marketing of women thriving in STEM careers
Hafize Çelik, Forrest Watson [Google Scholar]