J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 36(12)



Innovation within networks – patent strategies for blockchain technology
Milad Dehghani, Atefeh Mashatan, Ryan William Kennedy [Google Scholar]

The impact of adverse life events on salesperson relationships with customers
Deva Rangarajan, Michael Peasley, Bert Paesbrugghe, Rajesh V. Srivastava, Geoffrey T. Stewart [Google Scholar]

Exploiting business networks in the age of social media: the use and integration of social media analytics in B2B marketing
Yun Wang, Michel Rod, Qi Deng, Shaobo Ji [Google Scholar]

Why firms exploit the dual marketing strategy? A network-institutional perspective
Chee Wei Cheah [Google Scholar]

Trade show networks, trust and organizational learning: the effect of network ties
Harriette Bettis-Outland, Roberto Mora Cortez, Wesley J. Johnston [Google Scholar]

Customer’s expectations and perceptions of reference marketing programs
Andre Vilares Morgado [Google Scholar]

A review of inter-firm relationship quality in supply chains
Chen Qian, Stefan Seuring, Ralf Wagner [Google Scholar]

Scale development and validation for measuring business-to-business Wasta relationships
Ron Berger, Bradley R. Barnes, Avi Silbiger [Google Scholar]

Changes within activity patterns through network tensions
Bella Butler, Sharon Purchase [Google Scholar]

Managing firm risk through supply chain dependence: an SME perspective
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Understanding the morphing of focal nets in the solution business: a triad management perspective
Bernard Cova, Robert Spencer, Fabiana Ferreira, João Proença [Google Scholar]

Understanding interorganizational network evolution
Harini K.N., Manoj T. Thomas [Google Scholar]