Eur J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 55(12)


Thank you but no thank you: the impact of negative moral emotions on customer responses to preferential treatment [Google Scholar]
Vivian Pontes, Nicolas Pontes, Dominique A. Greer, Amanda Beatson

Online private self-disclosure’s potential for experiential value co-creation
Iftakar Hassan Abdulla Haji, Alessandro M. Peluso, Ad de Jong [Google Scholar]

When value- and experience-related trade promotions influence retailers’ sales: the moderating role of retail format strategy and channel structure
Danny Claro, Valter Afonso Vieira, Raj Agnihotri, Rafael Serer [Google Scholar]

Brand communities, fans or publics? How social media interests and brand management practices define the rules of engagement
Georgia-Zozeta Miliopoulou [Google Scholar]

Same scandal, different moral judgments: the effects of consumer-firm affiliation on weighting transgressor-related information and post-scandal patronage intentions
Carolyn Jia’En Lo, Yelena Tsarenko, Dewi Tojib [Google Scholar]

The impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) priming on consumers’ consumption and lifestyle choices with intertemporal tradeoffs
Hajar Fatemi, Laurette Dube [Google Scholar]

“If only…”: customer counterfactual thinking in failed recovery
Hai-Anh Tran, Yuliya Strizhakova, Hongfei Liu, Ismail Golgeci [Google Scholar]

The direct and interactive effects of retail community engagement
Donald J. Lund, John D. Hansen, Robert A. Robicheaux, Clara Cid Oreja [Google Scholar]