Consumption Experiences


An SCP Boutique Conference, Gainesville, FL, 27-29 Jan 2022; Registration deadline 28 Dec


Author: Richard Lutz

Consumption Experiences

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
January 27-29, 2022

Conference Theme

This boutique conference focuses on providing insight into the antecedents to, and conceptualization of, consumption experiences. We have adopted a “big tent” approach and have included papers from a variety of frameworks, including social cognition, consumer culture theory, survey and experimental research, and behavioral economics.

Conference Format

The goals of the conference are idea generation and research collaboration. Consequently, the format will be less traditional. We have a mix of the following types of sessions:

  1. Empirical Presentation + Discussion. This session will have three 20-minute presentations followed by a 30-minute idea generation discussion.  We will identify sets of complementary papers and appoint a discussion leader.
  2. Conceptual Presentation. This is a 30 – 45 minute “idea” presentation.
  3. Debate and Integrate: These sessions will take an important issue in the area, have two (or more) speakers identify points of contention, and then have breakout groups identify research opportunities based on the debate and share them with the general audience.


In keeping with the boutique nature of the conference, it will have a limit of 60 attendees. All attendees are expected to be engaged in research on consumer experience.  The conference will then open up registration on a first-come first-serve basis until the attendance cap is reached.

Important Dates and Deadlines

– Registration deadline:          December 28, 2021

– Conference Dates:                 January 27-29, 2022

Please see the conference site for full details:


 Sponsored by:

  • UF Warrington College of Business
  • SCP – Society for Consumer Psychology