J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 37(13/14


What about context in internal brand management? Understanding employee brand commitment in the public sector |
Ulrika Leijerholt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived quality of traceability information and its effect on purchase intention towards organic food
Xiang Wu, Jie Xiong, Jie Yan & Yang Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the employee–customer relationship in a utilitarian context |
Treasa Kearney, Joseph Coughlan & Aileen Kennedy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The web of influencers. A marketing-audience classification of (potential) social media influencers
Gaëlle Ouvrein, Sara Pabian, David Giles, Liselot Hudders & Charlotte De Backer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Me-search? Search me! A new twist in the tale of introspection
Stephen Brown & Anthony Patterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Internet user relational orientation: towards a better understanding of online browsing behaviour
Meriem Agrebi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building customisation capability in B2B marketing: the role of organisational capital
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Shelby D. Hunt & Pelin Bicen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Countering negative country of manufacturing effects for bottled foods: how extrinsic product cues matter to consumers
Hsuan-Hsuan Ku & Hsin-Yu Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]