J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 36(11)



Special issue: Relationships and networks in context: what do we know so far?

Guest editors: Fawaz Baddar ALHussan, Peter J. Batt, Faten Baddar Al-Husan

Guest editorial
Fawaz Baddar ALHussan, Peter J. Batt, Faten Baddar Al-Husan

Global network coopetition, firm innovation and value creation
Mouhoub Hani, Giovanni-Battista Dagnino [Google Scholar]

How does coopetition affect radical innovation? The roles of internal knowledge structure and external knowledge integration
Huanhuan Chen, Yanhong Yao, Ao Zan, Elias G. Carayannis [Google Scholar]

Structural network embeddedness and firm incremental innovation capability: the moderating role of technology cluster
Xiaoxiao Shi, Lu Lu, Wei Zhang, Qingpu Zhang [Google Scholar]

Flexibility mechanisms in a dynamic distribution network
Cheng Qian, Kangkang Yu, Haodong Gu [Google Scholar]

Managing supplier flexibility performance as a relational exchange investment in make-to-stock versus make-to-order production environments
Divesh Ojha, Jeff Shockley, Pamela P. Rogers, Danielle Cooper, Pankaj C. Patel [Google Scholar]

Outsidership vs insidership – internationalization of health-care SMEs
Katarina Lagerström, Cecilia Lindholm [Google Scholar]

Networks, institutional environment and firm internationalization
Sussie C. Morrish, Anna Earl [Google Scholar]

Maintaining business relationships: resilience through institutional work
Ilkka Tapani Ojansivu, Jan Hermes [Google Scholar]

How innovation intermediaries support start-up internationalization: a relational proximity perspective
Daniel Schepis [Google Scholar]

Understanding incubation during foreign market entry: lessons learnt from an illustrative Danish case study
Susanne Gretzinger, Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich, Svend Hollensen, Birgit Leick [Google Scholar]

How relational drivers affect relationship value in key exporter-importer relationships: a dark side perspective
Dario Miocevic [Google Scholar]

Corruption in interaction: the role of social capital in private–public relationships
Julia V. Bondeli, Malena I. Havenvid, Hans Solli-Sæther [Google Scholar]