Service Ind J


Service Industries Journal, 41(13/14)


Automated Forms of Interaction in Services: Current Trends, Benefits and Challenges

Editorial: Artificial intelligence in services: current trends, benefits and challenges
Carlos Flavián & Luis V. Casaló [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical issues in service robotics and artificial intelligence
Russell Belk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When AI-based services fail: examining the effect of the self-AI connection on willingness to share negative word-of-mouth after service failures
Bo Huang & Matthew Philp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dark side of AI-powered service interactions: exploring the process of co-destruction from the customer perspective
Daniela Castillo, Ana Isabel Canhoto & Emanuel Said [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence acceptance in services: connecting with Generation Z
Vanja Vitezić & Marko Perić [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust fall: data breach perceptions from loyalty and non-loyalty customers
Hsiangting Shatina Chen & Tun-Min (Catherine) Jai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chatbot service usage during a pandemic: fear and social distancing
Yu-Shan (Sandy) Huang & Wei-Kang Kao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]