J Interactive Mar


Journal of Interactive Marketing, 56



Is the Buzz on? – A Buzz Detection System for Viral Posts in Social Media
Nora Jansen, Oliver Hinz, Clemens Deusser, Thorsten Strufe [Google Scholar]

Do You Like What You (Can’t) See? The Differential Effects of Hardware and Software Upgrades on High-Tech Product Evaluations
Nico Wiegand, Monika Imschloss [Google Scholar]

Effects of Home Voice Assistants’ Autonomy on Instrusiveness and Usefulness: Direct, Indirect, and Moderating Effects of Interactivity
Laura Lucia-Palacios, Raúl Pérez-López [Google Scholar]

A Brand-New Look at You: Predicting Brand Personality in Social Media Networks with Machine Learning
Utku Pamuksuz, Joseph T. Yun, Ashlee Humphreys [Google Scholar]

More Trust in Fewer Followers: Diverging Effects of Popularity Metrics and Green Orientation Social Media Influencers
Matthew Pittman, Annika Abell [Google Scholar]

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Which Social Media Engagements Predict Purchase Frequency?
Timothy J. Halloran, Richard J. Lutz [Google Scholar]

Fleeting, But Not Forgotten: Ephemerality as a Means to Increase Recall of Advertising
Colin Campbell, Sean Sands, Emily Treen, Brent McFerran [Google Scholar]

Branded Content Experience in Social Media: Conceptualization, Scale Development, and Validation
Muhammad Waqas, Noor Akma Mohd Salleh, Zalfa Laili Hamzah [Google Scholar]

Digital Health Experience: A Regulatory Focus Perspective
Genevieve E. O’Connor, Susan Myrden, Linda Alkire (née Nasr), Kyungwon Lee, Sören Köcher, Jay Kandampully, Jerome D. Williams [Google Scholar]


Revisiting Trust and Privacy Concern in Consumers’ Perceptions of Marketing Information Management Practices: Replication and Extension
Kunal Swani, George R. Milne, Alec N. Slepchuk [Google Scholar]