Qual Mar Res


Qualitative Market Research, 24(5)



Beyond the game: perceptions and practices of sports sponsorship in German SMEs
Peter Datson, Wilson Ozuem, Kerry Howell, Geoff Lancaster [Google Scholar]

From campfire to coliseum: motivations for using social networks
Paula Castro Pires de Souza Chimenti, Marco Aurelio de Souza Rodrigues, Marcelo Guedes Carneiro, Roberta Dias Campos [Google Scholar]

Retailer-reseller embeddedness and price-setting in the informal economy
Uchenna Uzo [Google Scholar]

Designing a tourist experience for numen seekers
Mujde Bideci, Caglar Bideci [Google Scholar]

Enhancing brand experience in the online social media network context: a contingency perspective
Geeta Marmat [Google Scholar]

Dynamic marketing capabilities as drivers of international channel integration: is this true for Latin American SMEs?
Paula Andrea García Ortiz, Haydée Calderón García, Teresa Fayos Gardó, Nidia Roa Vivas [Google Scholar]