Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 85(1)


Measuring the Volatility of the Political agenda in Public Opinion and News Media
Chico Q Camargo; Peter John; Helen Z Margetts ; Scott A HaleRecognition of Collective Victimhood and Outgroup Prejudice [Google Scholar]

Elias Dinas; Vasiliki Fouka; Alain Schläpfer

Complicating the Role of White Racial Attitudes and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in the 2016 US Presidential Election
Peter K Enns; Ashley Jardina“We Don’t Know” Means “They’re Not Sure” [Google Scholar]

Matthew H GrahamPolitical Distinctiveness and Diversity Among LGBT Americans
Philip Edward Jones [Google Scholar]

Conducting General Social Surveys as Self-Administered Mixed-Mode Surveys
Christof Wolf; Pablo Christmann; Tobias Gummer; Christian Schnaudt ; Sascha Verhoeven [Google Scholar]

Research Notes

Do Elections Keep the Compassionate out of the Candidate Pool?
Scott Clifford; Elizabeth N Simas; Justin H Kirkland [Google Scholar]

How Affective Polarization Undermines Support for Democratic Norms
Jon Kingzette; James N Druckman; Samara Klar; Yanna Krupnikov ; Matthew Levendusky; John Barry Ryan [Google Scholar]

Does Measurement Affect the Gender Gap in Political Partisanship?
Yanna Krupnikov; Hillary Style; Michael Yontz [Google Scholar]

How Social Desirability Response Bias May Lead to an Overestimation of Obama-Trump Voters
Christopher T Stout; Keith Baker; Madelyn Baker [Google Scholar]

The Polls The Polls—Trends: Sexual Harassment
Mirya R Holman; Nathan P Kalmoe [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews Brandon

L. Bartels and Christopher D. Johnston. Curbing the Court: Why the Public Constrains Judicial Independence
Michael A Zilis [Google Scholar]

W. Joseph Campbell. Lost in a Gallup: Polling Failure in U.S. Presidential Elections
Jenny L Holland [Google Scholar]

John B. Holbein and D. Sunshine Hillygus. Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Action
Enrijeta Shino [Google Scholar]