Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 42(11)


Revisiting Zuckerman’s (1999) categorical imperative: An application of epistemic maps for replication
Brent Goldfarb, Liyue Yan [Google Scholar]

Social capital and entrepreneur resilience: Entrepreneur performance during violent protests in Togo
Stefan Dimitriadis [Google Scholar]

The choice of value‐based strategies under rivalry: Whether to enhance value creation or bargaining capabilities
Afonso Almeida Costa, Peter Zemsky [Google Scholar]

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa: Immigrant Entrepreneurs as Pathways to Foreign Venture Capital Investments
Sarath Balachandran, Exequiel Hernandez [Google Scholar]

Anti‐counterfeiting strategy unfolded: A closer look to the case of a large multinational manufacturer
Francesco Rullani, Karin Beukel, Matteo De Angelis [Google Scholar]

Knowledge sources, innovation objectives, and their impact on innovation performance: Quasi‐replication of Leiponen and Helfat (2010)
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CEO early‐life disaster experience and corporate social performance
Don O’Sullivan, Leon Zolotoy, Qingliang Fan [Google Scholar]

The effects of board expertise‐risk misalignment and subsequent strategic board reconfiguration on firm performance
Karen Schnatterly, Felipe Calvano, John P. Berns, Chaoqun Deng [Google Scholar]