Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 45(6)


Life insurance purchase behaviour: A systematic review and directions for future research
Ritika Bhatia, Anil K. Bhat, Jyoti Tikoria [Google Scholar]

Theory of consumption values in consumer behaviour research: A review and future research agenda
Ceyda Tanrikulu [Google Scholar]

The use of mobile devices in‐store and the effect on shopping experience: A systematic literature review and research agenda
Sílvia Cavalinhos, Susana Henriques Marques, Maria de Fátima Salgueiro [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ purchase behaviour and green marketing: A synthesis, review and agenda
Ajai Pal Sharma [Google Scholar]

Coping with crisis: The paradox of technology and consumer vulnerability
Sheau-Fen Yap, Yingzi Xu, LayPeng Tan [Google Scholar]

Mobile advertising: A systematic literature review and future research agenda
Charles Jebarajakirthy, Haroon Iqbal Maseeh, Zakir Morshed, Amit Shankar, Denni Arli, Robin Pentecost [Google Scholar]

The forms of financial literacy overconfidence and their role in financial well‐being
Zsófia Vörös, Zoltán Szabó, Dániel Kehl, Olivér Béla Kovács, Tamás Papp, Zoltán Schepp [Google Scholar]

Protecting children: Testing a stop‐and‐take‐a‐break advergame intervention strategy
Eunji Cho, Karyn Riddle [Google Scholar]

Too fatigued to consume (ir)responsibly? The importance of work‐related fatigue and personal values for responsible consumption
Grit Tanner, Marlies Schümann, Carolin Baur, Eva Bamberg [Google Scholar]

Being like others vs. being different: Wearable technology and daily practices of 50+ consumers in Russia and Finland
Daria Morozova, Olga Gurova [Google Scholar]

Per aspera ad astra: The big challenge of consumers’ insurance literacy
Doriana Cucinelli, Andrea Lippi, Maria Gaia Soana [Google Scholar]

The dark side of social media: Stalking, online self‐disclosure and problematic sleep
Amandeep Dhir, Shalini Talwar, Puneet Kaur, Sunil Budhiraja, Najmul Islam [Google Scholar]

Consumer confidence and conspicuous consumption: A conservation of resources perspective
Daniel Peter Hampson, Shuang (Sara) Ma, Yonggui Wang, Myat Su Han [Google Scholar]

Investigating the effectiveness of simplified labels for safe use communication: The case of household detergents
Maggie Geuens, Dominic Byrne, Geert Boeije, Virginie Peeters, Bert Vandecasteele [Google Scholar]

Purchase experience during the COVID‐19 pandemic and social cognitive theory: The relevance of consumer vulnerability, resilience, and adaptability for purchase satisfaction and repurchase
Ivana Kursan Milaković [Google Scholar]