Spanish J Mar


Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC, 25(2)


What motivates and deters users’ online co-creation? The role of cultural and socio-demographic factors
Maryna Chepurna, Josep Rialp Criado [Google Scholar]

The influence of eWOM. Analyzing its characteristics and consequences, and future research lines
Khaoula Akdim [Google Scholar]

Understanding motivations to use online streaming services: integrating the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the uses and gratifications theory (UGT)
Mark Anthony Camilleri, Loredana Falzon [Google Scholar]

The role of emotional experience and destination image on ecotourism satisfaction
NgoHai Quynh, Nguyen Thanh Hoai, Nguyen Van Loi [Google Scholar]

Understanding the intention to revisit a destination by expanding the theory of planned behaviour (TPB)
Ghazanfar Ali Abbasi, Janani Kumaravelu, Yen-Nee Goh, Karpal Singh Dara Singh [Google Scholar]

The effects of advertising ethnic cues on brand love, brand attachment and attitude toward the brand
Rozbeh Madadi, Ivonne M. Torres, Reza Fazli-Salehi, Miguel Ángel Zúñiga [Google Scholar]

Virtual reality and gamification in marketing higher education: a review and research agenda
Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, Ricardo Godinho Bilro, Fernando José de Aires Angelino [Google Scholar]