J Service Theory Prac


Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 31(6)



Customer experience research: intellectual structure and future research opportunities
Jorge H.O. Silva, Glauco H.S. Mendes, Paulo A. Cauchick Miguel, Marlene Amorim, Jorge Grenha Teixeira [Google Scholar]

The link between extraversion and service outputs: a moderated mediation model of work vigor and coworker support
Wan-Hsien Hu, Chen-Ju Lin [Google Scholar]

Revisiting the patient–physician relationship under the lens of value co-creation and defensive medicine
Sergio Riotta, Manfredi Bruccoleri [Google Scholar]

The mediating effects of program loyalty in loyalty rewards programs: an experimental design in coffee shops
Pınar Başgöze, Yaprak Atay, Selin Metin Camgöz, Lydia Hanks [Google Scholar]

Believe to go the extra mile: the influence of internal CSR initiatives on service employee organizational citizenship behaviors
En-Yi Chou, Haw-Yi Liang, Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin [Google Scholar]

Carrots or sticks in debt collection services? A voice metrics and text analysis of debt collection calls
Chengcheng Liao, Peiyuan Du, Yutao Yang, Ziyao Huang [Google Scholar]