J Mar


Journal of Marketing, 85(6)


Complaint Publicization in Social Media
Alireza Golmohammadi, Taha Havakhor, Dinesh K. Gauri, and Joseph Comprix [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wage Inequality: Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance
Boas Bamberger, Christian Homburg, and Dominik M. Wielgos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing the Versioning Decision over an App’s Lifetime
Seoungwoo Lee, Jie Zhang, and Michel Wedel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Economic and Social Impacts of Migration on Brand Expenditure: Evidence from Rural India
Vishal Narayan and Shreya Kankanhalli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Generating Content Increases Enjoyment by Immersing Consumers and Accelerating Perceived Time
Gabriela N. Tonietto and Alixandra Barasch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Nestlé a Lady? The Feminine Brand Name Advantage
Ruth Pogacar, Justin Angle, Tina M. Lowrey, L. J. Shrum, and Frank R. Kardes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tarred with the Same Brush? Advertising Share of Voice and Stock Price Synchronicity
Chee S. Cheong, Arvid O.I. Hoffmann, and Ralf Zurbruegg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Calibration and Salesperson Performance
Blair Kidwell, Jonathan Hasford, Broderick Turner, David M. Hardesty, and Alex Ricardo Zablah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Values Created from Far and Near: Influence of Spatial Distance on Brand Evaluation
Xing-Yu (Marcos) Chu, Chun-Tuan Chang, and Angela Y. Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]