J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 36(10)



Digital love – inviting doubt into the relationship: the duality of digitalization effects on business relationships
Annoch Isa Hadjikhani, Cecilia Lindh [Google Scholar]

Effect of supplier supply network resources on buyer–supplier collaborative product innovation: a contingency perspective
Yuzhong Li, Suicheng Li, Hecheng Cui [Google Scholar]

Arab networking and relationship marketing: is there a need for both?
Ahmed Shaalan, Marwa Tourky, Bradley R. Barnes, Chanaka Jayawardhena, Ibrahim Elshaer [Google Scholar]

Integrating sustainability in business network initiation: the case of an Italian pasta maker
Andrea Sabatini, Thomas O’Toole, Gian Luca Gregori [Google Scholar]

Linking absorptive capacity, knowledge transfer and transactive memory
Gert Human [Google Scholar]

Improving transport performance in supply networks: effects of (non)overlapping network horizons
Victor Eriksson, Kajsa Hulthén, Ann-Charlott Pedersen [Google Scholar]

Do small- and medium-sized manufacturers’ production-related resources influence their export marketing control modes and export performance?
Hsianglin Cheng [Google Scholar]

Sunset Inn: three-phase case study before, during and after the wrath of COVID-19
Bukhari Khan [Google Scholar]

A global examination of institutional effects on B2B cooperation
Sandra Simas Graça, James M. Barry, Virginie P. Kharé, Yuliya Yurova [Google Scholar]

How B2B marketers interact with customers and develop knowledge to produce a co-owned marketing strategy
Peter R.J. Trim, Yang-Im Lee [Google Scholar]

Network change processes for environmental practices
Lyndie Bayne, Sharon Purchase, Geoffrey N. Soutar [Google Scholar]

Digital entrepreneurs in technology-based spinoffs: an analysis of hybrid value creation in retail public–private partnerships to tackle showrooming
Sandro Battisti, Alexander Brem [Google Scholar]

Servitization strategy, manufacturing organizations and firm performance: a theoretical framework
Changli Feng, Lin Jiang, Ruize Ma, Chao Bai [Google Scholar]

Multilayered triads in the context of lean management
Daria Kovalevskaya, Elsebeth Holmen, Aristidis Kaloudis, Ann-Charlott Pedersen [Google Scholar]

Bakhtin to the future
Sid Lowe, Nirundon Tapachai [Google Scholar]

Introducing sharing-focused business models in the B2B context: comparing interaction and environmental sustainability for selling, renting and sharing on industrial markets
Lisa Melander, Ala Arvidsson [Google Scholar]

Tensions and territoriality: the dark side of servitization
Scott Wagstaff, Jamie Burton, Judith Zolkiewski [Google Scholar]